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Paul, What Bands Do You Recommend?

My band just snapped doing banded rdl. Paul what bands do you recommend?


Not Paul but elitefts bands are awesome. And they run sales on them pretty often. I got mine all 50% off and free shipping.

Edit: actually I just checked and they have several on sale right now. looks like 30% off sale.

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Right on. Ty. Which one is good for banded rdls?

The mini and light bands are nice. Personally i wish I’d gotten several minis and just added as I wanted more resistance. The medium and heavy bands are thick.

Get the mountain dog pack at elitefts. Then you’re all the way covered.

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Done and I also ordered 20 degree wedge solos. Ty again.

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Just a PSA, elite fts is running 50% off most bands for another 8 hours. They have a lot more on sale as well but pertaining to this thread it’s bands. If OP hasn’t picked any up now is the time

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