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Paul Wesley Makes Low Carb Very Appealing


Honestly, I've come to realize that I would feel insanely content and proud of myself and confident if I had a body like paul wesley(stefan in vampire diaries) as opposed to trying to become massive like CT. I mean, shit, even Chris Shugart has slimmed down. I can say I'm probably a twig by tmuscle standards but somewhat big by society's standards. So can someone explain to me why we now think high carb is the way to go for both fat loss and maximum muscle gain?

so many girls fucking post he's hot and shit.


He's hot because he's famous. Now go away.


Why so hurt? All I'm asking is for an answer. It's a simple question. I know CT and Tim Patterson have said that restricting carbs is catabolic(idk the radical hypertrophy says that shit). I also know you're probably offended because of his size, but based on that, he must have considerable muscle because you can't display that type of leanness unless you have a good amount of muscle to start with.


Having 'muscle' for real, and 'muscle' for the tv camera are different. On TV, guys who weight 150 lbs with 10% bodyfat get raved about, people saying how ripped and huge they are -lol.



What do you mean by high carb? Say more...


Oh, and I'm not saying high carb is the way to go for fat loss (as you put it), but it is the way for muscle retention, which is the goal for most of the people on this site.



Sure low carb works and has proven to be effective, but for the love of god, why do you have to try to prove this point with the guy pictured above? This is a bodybuilding website not a TV/Movie Celeb worshipping site.


Newsflash: There is no one diet that works equally well for everyone. Some respond best to relatively high carb, others moderate carb, and yet other low carb.

Who is "we?"


This should be fun.


Damn it... has that "guy" replaced Brad Pitt in Fight Club now?


Haha, don't worry, I know you didn't mean high carb at all.


What do you mean by that? Shugart's whole schtick is about "slimming" down.


I clicked on the above link, but found no mention of low carb dieting. Where did you get that from?


Great replies. Ok, so maybe I didn't want to look his size but his definition all over and especially on his abs would be great hehe. My question now is it probably best to only get carbs around workout times? like carbs should be last consumed before a workout? I think CT calls this peri-workout nutrition. Also, for meal times, does the whole thing about carbs during the day is best while carbs at night or even before bedtime is horrible still true? I've heard someone named alan aragon, rip apart that ideal. But hey, if the results here are different for most people, guess I should listen to here(: Just want some input on that.


You're right. It's a different link. That link just had him display some insane abs. Here's the one you're looking for.

Q: What is your work-out regime? Has it changed now that you're in Atlanta?

Paul: I'm trying to lean out as much as I can. I feel like vampires are these svelte creatures whose nutrition is essentially animal blood, so I knew that I couldn't eat all these different carbs and sugars because it just didn't feel right, physically and mentally. So, I've been limiting my intake, just because I feel like that's what Stefan does, every day. For the first time in my life, I've been doing cardio. I've played sports, my whole life, and now I'm doing it, every morning. It sucks.


So he doesn't do any actual bodybuilding, then.


And I thought Paul Wesley was some IFBB pro who swears by low carbs.


If you start lifting heavy, you will get to a point where you have his body and then beyond. From that picture, he looks like he has some muscle mass and very defined. Shouldn't be too hard to achieve. All the big guys went through the stage where they could have looked like this guy, only they took it farther.

My advice would be to start lifting heavy, do your squats below parallel, and don't skimp on the basics. Good carbs before a workout, bad carbs after. Ex. Oatmeal 2-3 hours before lifting, white pasta immediately after.


This has to be one of the absolutely dumbest reasons to want to limit your carbohydrate intake.

It's great that you want to learn, OP, but all of your questions have been answered many times already. You just need to make the effort to read the prior threads and articles here.


Yep, got all the answers I needed. Going to be trying my first day at IBB on monday. Till then, probably going to do good carbs before, and bad carbs after like Kyle recommended. My last question is is it acceptable to work out at 11 pm-12 am, or is that utterly stupid? Reason being I have no idea how to set up workout nutrition for the night other than a post-workout strictly whey protein shake.
scratch that, this question should be posted in new training questions as it involves nutrition around training.