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Paul Teutul, Sr & Split Training


Splits must be best! Hee hee. From an article I found:

Q: What's your schedule?

We do it every day at noon. We train, have lunch and go back to work.

Q: And your routine?

I don't like a long, drawn-out workout. I do a half-hour, 45 minutes. I like to do one bodypart a day, sometimes two. I'll go in and do just tri's, and the next day bi's, then shoulders and chest.
When I do chest, I'll do inclines and declines. Sometimes I'll do bi's and tri's together, but generally I like to concentrate on one bodypart. Some days I'll do high reps and light weights, some days I'll do the opposite.

More: http://ifitandhealthy.com/paul-teutul-sr-workout-and-diet/#more-576


I have a lot of respect for that guy. He turned his life around after having problems with drugs.

He started a number of successful businesses to leave to his family and he is pretty strong for an old guy.


He definitely is a big guy, but I wanna see the wheels!


Yes, much respect to the man.

The mustache alone demands respect.



on OCC this is clip of him training he benched 405 for a double and he's pushing 60 that's a bad ass biker right there son


Definitely a strong guy, but I think it's time they took his show off the air. It's basically become a parody of itself. I really liked the first couple of seasons but now it seems too scripted.


If I saw the same episode, he did partial reps.


Other than "just tris" or "just bis" in his split, he actually sounds like he knows what he's doing.

His diet is actually alot better than I had ever thought it would be. That is, if he actually eats what he says in the article.