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Paul Ryan...Done


Looks like Paul Ryan will not run for re-election.

I really have always liked him as a voice of reason and careful contemplation of issues.

The less like him that there are…IMO the more dysfunction there will be…



I would guess it’s to distance himself from the Trump-like GOP, but I’m curious to hear what he says when asked why.

I agree. I doubt he’s out of politics though. Will probably see him running for president or Senate or Gov. Being speaker of the house with the freedom caucus and Trump is a lose-lose situation from what I’ve seen.


I agree.

I don’t see him completely out of Politics.

Definitely could see Governor (or maybe even the Senate at some point).

I also see this as him throwing his hands up in frustration when it comes to Trump.

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Lobbyist, book, and speech tour.

Gotta push back here. I’ve always found him to be an ideologue (and a hypocritical one at that). As Speaker, he has shrunk from his obligations to act as a check on the Executive, greatly diminishing the status of the supposedly co-equal legislative branch. Further, he has done little to rein in the fringe elements of his caucus.

Will be interesting to see if he decides to stand up to Trump now that he’s walking out the door. My bet is he won’t, as doing so may compromise his opportunities to make scads of money on the corporate side.


Does anyone remember the VP debates of 2012 when he started every sentence with “This…”

I remember the second I would be voting for the losers when Mittens used the word “terrific” in the debate…then Paul Ryan followed it up with This… This… This…

I think he’s prepping for presidential bids. I really don’t see a secret agenda. I always thought he’s try a run in 2020 or 2024.
That’s what the tea leaves tell me. And he might as well take a nice vacation before he jumps into the sewer.

I honestly don’t think that’s the case. He handled Trump pretty well, as well as could be hoped for.

He’s off to find another teat to suck on.

I’ma have to side with @EyeDentist here. Ryan’s a coward and a hypocrite.

That being said, I shudder to think who the next speaker will be


Well, it’s not going to be a Republican.


Whoa, we agree on something politically.

Emphasis added.

Fair enough.

I suppose I am looking at “degrees of bad”, especially when looking at the House.

It seems as though Ryan could at least be reasoned with and could support his arguments with facts?

Then I could be wrong…who knows with Politicians…

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It’s hard to say if he carefully contemplates the issues because all I’ve heard him say is variations on the same themes of cutting taxes and regulations, and in this sound bite era that’s about as far as he gets. If he has any evidence to back his claims, there’s never enough TV time to explain it. If he is the voice of reason, it depends upon who you compare him to. Trump? Yes, Ryan sounds reasonable. That other GOP guy who is running for his seat? Yes, Ryan is better. McCain? Not so much.