Paul Kelso Has Passed Away

Paul Kelso, author of “Powerlifting Basics: Texas Style” and “Kelso’s Shrug Book”, along with numerous articles on the topics of weightlifting, powerlifter and bodybuilding, along with the inventor/discoverer of the “kelso shrug” passed away yesterday, according to his facebook profile and the profile of his spouse.

It’s not like Paul didn’t live a long and full life, but this is still a sad day. I will be doing some Kelso shrugs in my workout today in his honor.

If you have not read Powerlifting Basics, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Even if you have no interest in powerlifting, it’s a great read. It’s not a dry manual on the mechanics of lifting, but instead a series of stories/parables using a group of high school kids and lunkheads learning the ins and outs of the irongame under the tutelage of a great mentor. I read it at least once a year and always discover something new in it.

RIP Paul.

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Agreed. Always upsetting when an old school guy like that passes.

I’ve always heard good things about his books but hadn’t gotten them yet. From reviews and clips I’ve seen, he had a great writing style and solid info.

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Incredibly entertaining writing style. Really grabs you. Outside of the Irongame, he was also writing novels that were well reviewed on amazon. It was great to have someone like that in the community.

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Man, that is a sad day. Kelso was a great legend in teaching and writing as well as a guy who lived it. This bums me out, although I suppose we had to see this coming with the old timers getting up there in years more and more…Great book.

What is sad powerlifting watch has nothing on it , i remember his powerlifting usa column. Said in early 90s 1000 lbs bench will broken soon. And the big boy from Texas squat program, only 45 and 25 pound plates used.


Kelso’s shrug book was awesome. It has changed my looks and my life.