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Paul Dix Press

Can anyone give me a description as well as the proper technique for the Paul Dix Press please?

The Paul Dicks press is a beauty of a triceps trasher. The way I’ve always done them is take a fairly close grip on the bar with a weight a bit heavier then what you could do with a triceps extension. Now bring the weight down towards the bridge of your nose or your face. If you have sufficient load you’ll notice about 6 inches away you’ll really feel the over load it is at this point that you reverse direction of the bar and bring it to your chest. From there you push back towards your face at an angle…you’ll feel the bar fall out of the pressing groove and you’ll have to muscle it back up to lockout using your triceps. Hope this helps

Paul Dicks Press: Lower the bar to the chest like a normal bench but keep the elbows in, as the bar nears the chest, the fists are rolled toward the face and the bar is brought about 2" above the nipples. The bar should come down in a straight line. It is the arms that rotate around it.

Go to Dave Tate’s site: www.elitefts.com and go to the “Articles” section. One of the older articles says “Bench Press 500lbs,” and I think there is a picture of this being done so you can see how the fits are rotated. Hope that helps!

if you read up on elitefts you might realize that they don’t like the excercise and don’t do it anymore.

Alright now I’m confused as well. I have heard the description Nate gave referred to as a J.M. press and I got my description of the Paul Dick’s press from someone who trains westside style. I could very easily be wrong though…I guess go to Dave Tate’s forum and ask him to be sure.

thanks Kelly. Nate, the exercise you described I also thought was a JM Press. Having a bit of difficulty finding any info on the elitefts site. Will carry on looking though

Kelley, my understanding is that Nate has the Paul Dicks press down right, and you almost have the JM Press right (Bar travels to the chest, as opposed to nose). But both cop a serious misrepresentation on the net.

As for WSB going away from the Dicks press, its because they believe the JM lends itself to the bench better. But if you’re looking for a pure triceps exercise, the Dicks press is good. I also think its good for us guys with really long forearms.

What then is the “california” press?

Ok, now I’m confused… Isn’t the Paul Dicks press used as an assistance exercise if the bar tends to drift towards your face when you bench? I had never thought of it as a triceps builder, but I guess it would be great for that.

A California Press is where you press the weight up like a close-grip bench, and lower it like a tricep extension. After lowering just rotate the elbows back to the starting position and repeat.