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Paul DeMayo Interview in MD

I’m not a huge bodybuilding fan, so don’t get on me for not knowing who Paul DeMayo was before reading his interview in the latest issue of Muscular Development.

The Sandwich does the question asking. Apparently, DeMayo spent a year and a half in prison for recklessly firing one shot from a handgun into the air, outside in public, after arguing with his wife. All to blow off steam, says DeMayo in this joke of an interview. It’s everyone’s fault but his that he was incarcerated. He basically curses and boo-hoo’s his way through the whole interview with a “woe is me” tone, and blames everyone but himself.

Pathetic. He’s from New England (Massachusettes I believe) and says he should have been what Jay Cutler is today, and could have been if the world hadn’t been against him.