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Paul Chek is Off the Hook. Period!




This guy is jokes.


Is this the same Paul Check that was on Ninja Warrior?



You've missed this article. Read it little boy.



That guy has forgotten more about corrective exercise physiology than you could ever hope to know. He's funny looking, has a high pitched voice, and probably seems like a "joke", but I'd take him as my trainer over you any day.


"I could tell when they were eating fast foods because I could smell the trans-fatty acids coming right out of their skin."

"If your body doesn't get enough sleep at night, you will progressively be poisoned by the bacteria in your own intestinal track."

"Can you feel the chi moving through the soil when you stand on the grass? Can you communicate with plants and trees? Can feel the energy fields on human beings and animals? Can you feel a bird fly by or can you only see it?"

This dude seems awesome, but pretty far out there, too..


His obsession with poo scares me.


I'm surprised he's not still measuring his shits.

Little too much bullshit with him for me.


I think Paul is an excellent coach and, although a bit of a kook in some regards, has a lot of valuable information to teach.

He really could use a shirt though.


Still... If it looks crazy, and it sounds crazy, it probably is crazy.


I always got this weird feeling when I come across something from Paul.

He's incredibly knowledgeable and knows more than I ever will in this regard, but he freaks me out with his talk of chi and stuff like that. And I'm a martial artist from 10 + years, so I'm use to that kind of stuff, but it seems to dull his otherwise sharp message.

If you can get over that however, and his somewhat poor analogies and comprehension of physiology, he's got good stuff and great advices to share



Go see this video to see what I meant

Pure Chek


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One of his quotes-- "If you can't teach in your underwear, you shouldn't be talking about health"


Yeah, no doubt the guy's bat-shit out of his mind, but he's 46 and he's still in excellent shape. He must be doing something right.


It's the body blade.


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I knew he was in decent shape, but damn, he looks amazing for his age(or any age for that matter). Maybe I should go organic and take up meditation too. Sounds like he was channeling Ronnie, haha.

What was the wobbly thing he was flinging around at the end?


he's a whack job and many serious people think so.


Maybe I just happen to know other guys around his age who look as good or better, but I don't think he looks all the great.

Just 'cause someone is in their 40s doesn't mean they can't be in great condition with consistent training and nutrition. There's no secret to it.