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Paul Chek is King


Paul Check is great: My favorite quote by him.

Stand at the front door of any Gold's Gym. It won't take ten minutes before you see somebody who's so big that he can barely walk, who hits his aerobic threshold just walking from his car to the door. He's approaching death and he calls that bodybuilding. That's not bodybuilding; that's a dysfunction.


Paul Check, huh?


Spell Check is also great.


Really??? Tell that to Chris Shugart.


Welcome, here at T-Nation we're all apparently english teachers!

I don't care if you spelled his name right! I don't even care if that's his name!


Maybe you should care that he's batshit crazy.

"The average human being should pass about twelve inches of well-formed, not foul smelling, fluffy, easy to pass, light brown, earthy-smelling stool per day, if you've got a normal bowel.

You can poop three four-inchers, two six-inchers, or one great big one; it doesn't really matter. You should have a minimum of one really healthy bowel movement a day.

Right now the average American is having a bowel movement once every two to three days. The worst we've ever seen here at my institute is a patient who was having a bowel movement once every thirty days."


Holy shit, reading that actually made me have to poop.


And THAT'S that Paul Chek magic. Don't you see?!


Whoa, Whoa...what the fuck?


Paul is Chek. Ian is King.


A lot of the stuff he talks about is very reasonable and can lead to a happier, healthier life.

He's got some shit that's just out there, though.


I was a certified CHEK practitioner at 18, and feel very embarrassed about the fact now.

He is the one who started the anti-bodybuilding mentality; i.e. the idea that if you're training for muscle size and not "function," you're somehow morally inferior to trainees who squat on a swiss ball. He is the ideological source of the current trends in the fitness industry- the balls, the stability gimmicks, functional training, the "core" bullshit. He started all that.

Overally, one of the most destructive influences in the fitness arena.


Chek is out there to say the least.


King of the local nuthouse, maybe.


"every single bacterium in your body is urinating and defecating in your body 24/7."

WTF, urinating bacteria? LOL




What is batshit crazy about those statements? The last one is the most extreme, but there are lots of people who are chronically constipated. They have to get enemas to avoid vomiting.


I like Chek for one reason- He is batshit crazy. He reminds me of the local idiot who always had to show everybody that he was better, stronger or faster at what ever you were doing, but would just make a fool of himself in the process.


Not only did I get it, but I thought it was funny. Good one.


From the experience of someone who has been chronically constipated, and at another time has regularly passed twelve inches of stool in a day, I can speak from experience and say the latter was more comfortable.

Chek may be crazy, but that's not the statement of his to showcase that fact.