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Paul Carter's Coaching Forum

I realize that he hasn’t been around in a while, so I knew it was a matter of time before it was canned, but did the whole thing simply disappear? It was full of good information. I’m assuming it’s archived somewhere; will this archive be accessible to us regular users?

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And wouldnt it be reasonable to let followers know why it got canned?

All of the topics were moved to Bigger Stronger Leaner.


Thank you!

Why did we move the topics to BSL and delete the category?

We need to keep the forums curated and relevant.

Unfortunately for us all, Paul was clearly no longer here, which made the name “Paul Carter Coaching” a misnomer and misleading to members.

Paul is a smart, accomplished coach and lifter. We all like him. He’s always welcome to write for T Nation and post on the forums.


Cool beans, thanks Tim!

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Hey Tim, the dropdown menu under Forums on the main t-nation landing page still shows his coaching forum link, which takes you to a broken page.