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Paul Carter's Base Building Results


39 year old, 5'10", 235 lbs.

Did base building for 3 months. I had a busy month after that, so did something a bit more stripped down for a few weeks.

Yoke Bar Squat = 385lbs. Not a good day. Used 405 for calcs.
Bench = 315lbs. Couple months of benching after a long layoff, shoulder issues.
Deadlift = 475lbs. PR
OHP = 195lbs. Couple months of OHP after a long layoff, shoulder issues.

Yoke Bar Squat = 425lbs. PR
Bench = 335lbs. PR I've hit a few times over the years.
Deadlift = 495lbs. PR
OHP = 225lbs. PR

I'm into a Strong15 inspired template now. I was going to run that before testing maxes, but thought I would see what just the base building added.

I liked the program. I didn't feel beat up at any point. Bench and Squat felt strong and fast throughout. OHP and DL felt a little slow. Didn't think I'd hit PRs on those but I did. I can see myself running this for at least few months every year.