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Paul Carter Primer 4 Workout?

Anyone ever try Primer 4: Big, Bad, Basic Workouts by Paul Carter? Just curious how people liked it.

That looks pretty good. I like the variety, how it doesn’t limit you to doing the competition lifts all the time. If your rows and stiff legs and close grips and dips all go up, your bench and dead will go up too.

I don’t want to dis Paul Carter, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use different dumbbell presses in there. You could basically run this routine for 6 weeks, rotate lifts, and just do that forever. Bench to dumbell Bench, to dips. Seated dumbbell presses, to high incline barbell press to standing press. Stiff deads, to deadlifts from the rack, to power cleans. Barbell rows to dumbbell rows to T-Bar rows.

Like a body-builder, constantly building up lagging areas. Developing new strengths, then targeting new “weaknesses.” Only using hoss, compound lifts, and heavy weights. True power building!

When you get bored, in like 2 years, you could try ramping sets up, instead of straight weight, to see how strong you are.

The more I think about it, the better I like it.