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Paul Borresen

What does everybody think of Paul Borresen? Elite Fitness has a couple of his books for sale & they look interesting, but is he full of shit? They’re on Elite Fitness, so I think they must be useful, but on the other hand, I think that people have really differing opinions of Paul Borresen.

Last I heard Paul Borresen died of some type of drug related cause. This should come as no surprise to those who saw some of the things he recommended.

Borresson is indeed dead- painkiller overdose. His writings were tough reading unless you spoke his dialect of the Queen’s english, but made for some interesting reading. His Kamikaze stacks were certainly for competition and not health, but if you take his theories and combine them with other gurus (Brock,Roberts,Duchaine,etc) and some anecdotal evidence, you can devise some SERIOUS plans of your own.

Natey, if you do a search for P.B. in the archives, you’ll find an interview that T-Mag did with him in the early days. You’ll also find a few other (subsequent) comments to the effect that, once T-Mag knew more about the guy, they didn’t want to have anything to do with him. 'Nuff said.

I remember reading that interview, but this book looks like it covers lots about nutrition, not just drugs. I thought that it might be worth looking at because Elite Fitness is selling it, even though it is written by PB.

I read Anabolic Edge 2001. It covers a lot of basic biology nothing new and amazing. he talks alot about the immune system, receptor sites. It also covers A lot of the drugs. Its a decent read if you get a good price on the book but I would not pay full price.

I must take this opportunity to defend Paul Borressen. I did not know the man, but spoke to him several times, both by phone and in person at a training seminar. I held him in high regard. He was a greek, originally their drug coach to their olympic team. He came to UK and set up a nutrition company called boihazard. You are correct in saying that his methods were amied soley at the pros and not the weekend warriors, however his in depth knowledge of the theory of both nutrition and drugs was outstanding. He had post grad degrees in nutrition. He developed the only balanced whey protein product, it containing all the aminos, in the right quantities to replicate human muscle tissue. It is awsoms stuff. His delivery at the seminar was captivating. His ability to lecture, both in traing and in nutrition, covering the theory as well as the practice was highly entertaining. I own, “the Anabolic edge” and the “Stack book”. Both make excellent reading. The “Anabolic edge” is the only book that I am aware of that teache you how to design a steroid course. I have learned from this, have a years experience of it and find no flaws. Any questions, I will be pleased to comment. JR.

Postal, what’s the ‘top-secret’ food that dribbles amino acids when you’re asleep? The website uses that to sell the book.

The top secret food is eggs or red meat because it takes longer to digest.