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Paul Borresen Dead at 38

On the biohazard website, it was announced that Paul Borresen died yesterday. Some of you might remember the interview with him from the early days of T-mag. Condolences to his family, but if you read the kind of doses this guy was taking, it’s not really a surprise…

I can almost guarantee you he did not die from steroids.

What was it John?

There were rumors he was into coke and other non-BB drugs, too. I’m no expert in this area, but from what I understand bodybuilders who die of “steroids” actually die from other stuff like insulin and diuretics, correct? It’s not really the gear that gets them; it’s the accessory shit.

Fuzzy, you are correct. I read a post that was pasted from some of his correspondents saying the police found “hard” drugs in his house. This can be interpreted many ways but if he died directly from steroids, let it be known that his is the first.

Pauls death came as no supprise he looked more dead than alive three years ago when he turned up in my office here at hirep gym with ian harrison they both looked sick and were obviosly on something and struggled to even do calf raises i thought at the time this is not what weight training should be about perhaps others might see it for what it is now this wannabe steroid guru has finaly proven how his advice works by showing what happend to himself !

Paul previous;y admitted having had a problem with nubain - it’s only a small step from there to more readily available opiate-type drugs?

i think that it’ll come out that it wasn’t steroids that killed him

i just talked to the dummy monday. from what i understand he shit the bed on tuesday… really makes you think about what your doing with all this stuff, doesnt it??? i agree with other posts in that he most definately did not die directly from steriods. thats a pretty hard to thing to do. took lyle alzado an admitted 20 years of almost non-stop steriod use to accomplish this. this guy wasnt even HALF as stupid as that. me thinks he was “fiddeling” around with either nubain again OR COKE. in the next few weeks i’m sure we will hear something about it.
right now, i bet 8-bucks that it was one or the other that killed him.

It s very sad…
vI think that all dead bodybuilders should be empaled after their death. then placed in a museum…