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Paul Bocian: Changing the Strength Game Forever


This has engulfed my entire morning today, I am pretty sure I have watched all of his 330 videos. The guy is a freak... and a poet, in both hid way with words and his way with strength development. Enjoy:


yeah the shit's funny...

But really I can't help wonder how serious this mother fucker is? You know what I mean? We going to see this guy on the news after he blows up a Planet Fitness?


Apparently he's a juggalo, too.

Kind of makes sense...



I thought this was going to be serious to begin with haha


This guy is the top dumbell curler in Canada and he doesn't allow comments on his youtube videos?


You don't get to be Canada's top Curl(er) without being serious.


Those curls did not count because he was clearly outside the squat rack.


Maybe someday I can get to that level. But the journey will not be easy. Arby's will come to know and fear my coming, my sweat will smell like roast beef and ham and cheddar from a hundred yards and my bowel movements will shake the earth with their fury. One day I will catch you. robroy122. ONE DAY!

Of course he's a juggalo.


I'm crying. Poop jokes get me everytime.


All I can say is that this guy seems supremely confident, but he is an absolute dumb ass.


And it looks like he's also trolled MD's Anabolic Doc (see video + comments):