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Paul Anderson's Deadlift

I posted this photo on my blog. Paul Anderson use what looks like a hook grip and a type of sumo stance. Very clean, with hips low and back flat. Paul Anderson was an incredible lifter and there is lots to be learned by his style.

I cant see the picture

oh now I see it thats exactly how I deadlift

How exactly is there alot to be learned…?

Bolton pulls convo.

The top IPF guys pull sumo, but much more upright.

Anderson is most definately a freak but I don’t see what’s there to be learned.

Anderson’s pulling technique probably suited his individual build very well. Paul was short, thick guy- more so built for squatting than pulling. A conventional stance may not have taken full advantage of his powerful legs. At the same time, he was agood OLer and he had good back strength and a wide-stance, erect torso sumo technique would have taken his back out of the lift to a large extent. The hook grip does not surprise me given Paul’s OL background