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Paul Anderson... Yet Again.

Does anyone else have Paul Anderson’s SECRETS OF MY STRENGTH? When u consider he had little outside influence AND these routines were written in 1970 U can see just what an amazing lifter he was. His squat routine is THE best I’ve ever done.

He mixes full range & 1/4 reps. I always wonder just how far he could have gone given todays support gear. He did 1170 in front of Peary Rader (supposedly). I’m betting on 1400lbs.

As these threads follow a fairly predictable path I guess you mean 1400kg.

I “predict” anyone who “follows” Paul’s squat routine will make huge gains in his size/strength.


After the overwhelming response to my Paul Anderson proverbial thread I’ve decided to post regular progress updates on my squat totals. I’m going to shoot for beginnig in the second week of May. I apologize to T-Nation if your ISP threatens to cut U off once U overload the server. :slight_smile:

I hope to film a few double maxes for Dave Tate’s analysis.