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Patriots Fans...


please go away and die!!!!! thank you!!

P.S. please bring Brady with you as hes wasting space in the NFL, I didnt mind new england until brady got their.... maybe he can go rape some underage girls with his fellow overrated QB Big Ben Rapelisthburger. make space for some talented QB's so they can get recognition please


You jelly.


You mad.


He mad.


How controversial of you!

Bad troll is bad. Quit being mad.

(Go Giants!)


Wait till Randman gets a hold of you OP...

Your FANDOM is in question.


lol at brady wasting space... would like to know what talented qb's OP is talking about...

hasselbeck? Sanchez? Henne? Ryan? Schaub? Flacco? Palmer? Freeman? Garrad?

even considering manning and brees i'd still take brady over both. LOL this thread brought the lulz this morning



wasting space = winning at everything?

that's when we started winning....hate much? haha

No need, he married a fucking supermodel.....anyone else find that silly?

make space for himself.....? divide be zero too?

Massive Pats Fan here!

...you loose.


Huge Pats fan!

Please don't compare rothlisburger to Brady.

1 of them impregnates super models, the other has to rape the hostess.

And remember, this is New England's rebuilding year...


MVP Watch

  1. Tom Brady, QB, New England. I don't know how a quarterback plays better than he's playing. In minus-4-degree wind-chill at Soldier Field, he completed 27 of 40, and he's now thrown 268 straight passes without an interception. Hard for me to imagine him losing my MVP vote in the next three weeks, but let's see what happens.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/peter_king/12/13/week-14-mmqb/index.html#ixzz186NQ7IzK


yea brady always plays lights out... i hate the pats (phins fan... sux i kno)... but brady is a HOF qb...

throw for 300+ yds in chicago while snowing and wind blowing side ways? np.
trade probowl receiver for some washed up wr? np.
win the division while rebuilding a team? np.

dunno what the op was smoking this morning... again thanks for the lulz


The most important talent to a QB is the ability to win, especially big games, not arm-strength or speed or size. Tom Brady belongs in the same category as Joe Montana if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl and win. He might already be in that conversation anyways. I'd take Brady any day of the week over any of his contemporaries.

He wins the big games, Manning, Rivers, Favre and a few others have all come up short or they haven't won nearly as many big games. Some of it may be luck, but I'd rather be lucky than good and Brady is both. Besides, good players make their own luck.

I'm a huge Niners fan and a huge Montana fan, but even I can admit that Brady might slowly be entering the one-man conversation about the greatest QB of all-time.


You think he's as good as Elway?



I hate the Pats...but this thread is full of G H E Y




I think he's better than Elway, but not by much. Listen to how Brady's teammates talk about him. He's clearly the leader of the team who demands excellence from those around him, and he gets it. People seem to forget that leadership is a talent, as is accuracy and poise under pressure, and in that respect I think only Montana had the same talent level that Brady does. Arm strength and numbers get you drafted high and they get you into the Hall of Fame, but its the aforementioned talents that get you rings and Brady has those talents in spades. Elway did too, but not to the same level as Montana or Brady.

And for the record, all three are light years ahead of Brett Fucking Favruh


Hey now, everyone comes up short once in a while. Brady himself has. See, "18-1" in the history books, thanks.

Rivers has never won a big game, but Favre has. He also holds every record known to man for quarterbacks. Peyton I'm just not sure about. got his ring, yes, but definitely does drop some important ones.

"Good players make their own luck?"

Don't know about that chief. Ask Fran Tarkenton or, God forbid, Archie Manning about that one. Football is a team sport, and without the team, you've got nothing, great quarterback or not.


You're right. Football is a team sport. That's why numbers don't mean nearly as much as success in big games, and only Montana can better Brady in that regard. It may be a team sport, but not everyone on the team has the same influence over the game's outcome: the QB has more sway than any other single player. As good as Tarkenton was, he still came up short in the biggest games. It's not a slander against him, but there are plenty of QB's who didn't come up short.

It's the nature of the game and of the position. Just like pitchers in baseball. No one wants to hear how good a pitcher's numbers would have been if he had better run-support. Why? Because if a pitcher loses 1-0, what does that really mean? It means the other pitcher threw a better game and the losing pitcher was simply out-dueled. Brady doesn't get beat in the big games very often. Since it's a team sport and the QB is the most important position on that team, who wins and who loses is THE most important statistic and THE most important talent is the ability to win the big games. Tarkenton didn't do it, Brady does.


OP's a JaMarcus Russell fan, and is just a bit butthurt by Mr Tom Brady. Hey don't be mad I can't pull off the long locks or the Uggs either!


Agreed, but to be more specific:

He wins with quick, correct decision making.

I like Manning just as much. Bigger arm, better on the move, I'd say decision making is just as good.

Manning may have had a better supporting cast on offense but he also put up better numbers with the exception of the record breaking moss/welker (pretty good combo) single year.