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Patriots and the 'Eff You TD'


I can't be the only Pats fan on here loving how they're sending a message to the whole league every Sunday:



youre the only pats fan on here. The rest of them go to estrogen nation.


While I'm not a huge football fan I like to watch the game. I thought that crap about them stealing signs and everyone being up in arms was so much bullsh*t. Everyone is doing it, and everyone turned against them. I'm happy they are showing everyone up. I might have to start watching a few pats games this year.


The Boys will be seeing the Pats in the final game.


And how does that work?


"I can't be the only Pats fan on here loving how they're sending a message to the whole league every Sunday"

Just what does that mean? What is the end result intended of this supposed message that they are sending?
Not busting your balls, it is just that trite sayings have a special place in my stool.
The Pats are one of the two best teams in the league with Indy on everyone's list. The NFC is the weak sister league. I am a huge Packer fan but I can still state the obvious.




Dammit I hope so. I effing hate the Pats.


Agreed on hating the Pats. Unfortunately, the NFC doesn't have a team that can beat the Patriots. Maybe the NFC Pro Bowl team.


Yep, they're becoming the real life Cobra Kai.

"Get 'em a bodybag! Yeeeeaaaah!"

I'm not a Pats fan, but I don't mind what they're doing. Well, I will mind when they stomp my Ravens later this season, but at least it's New England and not Pittsburgh.


Yes, cheating and poor sportsmanship should be emulated by all.

Other teams will take great joy when the Pats inevitably decline.

I would not be surprised if someone targeted Brady's knee as Wilfork targeted Losman's.


Hey guys, I thought the Patriots were cheaters, suck, and should give their 3 Super Bowl rings back. You guys said so. How did they beat the 'Boys? HOW????????????????????????????????????

Kiss our asses, seriously. Be glad it's not our feet.


Who ever said the Patriots suck? Cheaters, sure, but they certainly don't suck. Unless you're talking about avoiding cheating, in which case they totally suck.

Oh, and they beat the Cowboys because the Cowboys suck.

I'm waiting for Week 14...


I used to be indifferent about the Pats, but this year, several of them seem to have turned into cheap shot artists and dirty players. I don't like that at any level. They've taken this chip on the shoulder thing too far and Belichick is leading the way. He's a coaching genius, but a petty, bitter sob who will someday die alone with just his SB rings. He's not a nice human being.



Pats are an old team, old teams always play there best in the first 8 weeks. They are playing at a high level. Injuries will catch up to them watch and see.

There defense is very overrated, first it is full of old farts. Secondly one can run against them, but they are not tested because the offense always scores first. Leaving teams thinking they have to dump the run and start getting pass happy.

They are getting snobby. I sure can't wait to see them walk of the field as losers in the playoffs, cause they will. So bring your popcorn.
But until then all you pats fan enjoy it while it last.


I like them purely because everyone else hates them. I was a Raiders fan because they would take those cheap shots and drill the guy as he was running out of bounds ect. Football is a rough sport and it should be treated as such. By the way I think the Raiders have gotten soft lately, so I have just been cheering for my Redskins!

Plus I just like the rebels purely b/c they go against the flow. That being said, they never should have tried to steal the signals. Playing rough is fair game but cheating just makes you look like a wuss.


You just called Bill "pretty."


I think it's a stretch to say they are hated like the Raiders and the Yankees. Belichik isn't the raging asshole that Steinbrenner is. And Tom Brady isn't quite the prettyboy that Derek Jeter is.

This from a Colts/Buckeye fan.


There is a difference between playing tough and taking cheap shots. Cheap shot teams make the late hits out of bounds, but also take late hits on QBs, dive at the legs of their opponents, knock over the center when the guard false starts, etc. Teams that played tough but fair that come to mind are the '85 Bears, the '86 Giants, the Steelers from the 70s, the Packers under Lombardi. Cheap shot teams that come to mind: any team under Jerry Glanville, the Raiders - post Madden, Buddy Ryan's Eagles, U of Miami and the current Patriots.



Stay in school and work on that reading comprehension.