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Would you die to save the American way of life?

I can’t think of many more complicated questions that could be put in so little words. Well, there is the American ideal, which I think is a state we as a country have not yet reached. We seem to be moving back and forth in that movement towards that “perfect america”. Of course we’ll never reach that point, but we can get damn close, and things should improve when we as a country move towards what is best for America. Of course, many different people have many different opinions on what was best for America. It’s that that I would die for, the chance to get in our opinions (but not the right to throw it in everybody’s faces and shove it down their throats). Yeah, I’d die for America. Wouldn’t kill for it though. I don’t think I’d ever be able to go into a situation where I know I’d have to kill someone.

To die for America, you’d have to be in a situation where you’d kill for America. I do understand what you mean though.

Give me about 20 years to think on it, I’ll get back to you.

I’d die to preserve a west european way of life. Free health care, free university tuition, public transit, and the obscenely rich would be taxed to hell.

I am both ready to kill, and die for this Country…I’d do either in a second…Thats why I decided to become a Cop…

Kill for this country? Yes. Die for this country? Only if I were allowed to make my own decisions. Which is less and less allowable everyday.

Darn good question. Though I may not agree with our goverment on every aspect of “our way of life,” it’s obvious that we americans are a spoiled mass, fattened by our high life unlike any other civiliztion…ever. In addition, “this america” protects my rights, freedoms, loved ones, and opportunity to a good life. So while we surely have our drawbacks (abortion; affirm. action; large-scale immorality; drugs), we still got it good boys. Yes, I’d die for America.

“No one ever won a war by dying for his country. They won the war by making the other bastard die for their country.” At least that’s the gyst of the Patton quote. A good one, too. So to answer your question: No, I’m not willing to die for my country. I am, however, willing to risk death to make the other guy die for his country.

I spent 20 years in the military, I would die so that my son, brother, mother, or any other would not have to so.

I answered this question 35 years ago and I haven’t changed my mind.

Believe it or not. A soldier, sailor, airperson?, marine, firefighter or cop does not die for high ideals. He/she does what he does for the guy next to him.
Despite what maybe said, we americans a enjoy a better life style than most of the world.
Best of Luck.

wee said Brider.

My parents came to the USA so that we could have a better life, a place where oppertunity is endless. So would I risk my life, to defend for freedom, liberty, and justice. Who wouldn’t.

I’d die to make the US the nation it’s supposed to be (as defined in the constitution and amendments).

You know, all that ‘freedom’ stuff that’s slowly going down the shitter. After all, cashing in all your freedoms is okay, since nasty terrorists give the government a lame excuse to make a police state… with the people’s support!

I’ve yet to meet an American (in real life that is) who even knows what patriotism means. They seem to think it means “blind faith”.

I have to say this is country has Freedom and is the land of oppertunity. Its what you make of it. Would I be living in another country No way Jose. Did you know that even though Yao Ming makes a pay check here in the USA but since he is citizen of China not only does he pay taxes to the US he pays China a precentage of what he makes also. Isn’t that f*&^%^ up. So, I believe US still has a lot oppertunity and freedom.

I would die for my family, or sacrifice others uncounted to save them. I hope under certain circumstances I be able to summon the courage to die to save my friends.

Does this ask if I would be willing to serve my country in an armed conflict and risk my life, or if I would be willing to be led up to some kind of sacrificial altar and passively accept death to save the “american way of life”, cause I see those as two differant questions.

That’s exactly why I answered the question in the way I did.

No way. There are very few, if any things I’d die for. Maybe if I had a wife or kid, I’d die for them. What’s the point of dying for something and not being there to enjoy it? Will I feel satisfaction for what I did, or revel to enjoy the fact that I helped out my fellow countrymen? Hell no, I’d be dead! So, basically, it just boils down to “whats in it for me?” I know it sounds pretty selfish, but I’m just being honest with myself. Fuck ideals. What do ideals matter if you’re dead. (unless you believe in a god/afterlife, I guess). I probably don’t even make much sense. Oh well.

Hell yeah Baby, what you said!