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Patriotic American Kool-Aid Day


Post here if you want to wave an American flag on the White House lawn....even if you are pretending Bush II still lives there.


I do. Pass kool-aid, I don't give a shit or who's in the white house. It's huge deal.

Are you saying you wish the bastard was still alive?


I am saying people who are celebrating are celebrating a nonevent.

This doesn't change anything. It just exposes the primitive minds of people whose psyches are satisfied by vengeance.

No wrongs have been corrected.

We are no freer today than we were the day before 9/11.


And if the death of the leader of Al Queda eventually causes the crumbling of their organization?



pigs will grow wings before that


You think they don't have plans for such contingencies?

They might be evil but they are not dumb.


Bin Laden being dead is a big deal. It's not going to fix anything immediately but it goes a long way toward dismantling this thing. The psychological aspect of being able to get to anybody anywhere no matter how long it takes is huge. Bin laden can no longer recruit. One of the biggest draws is that we could not get him.

I think this is a clear case of 'strike the Shepard, scatter the sheep'.


...he was an old, crippled dude that took ten years to kill and was never verified to have committed 9-11.

Way to go, team USSA.


Yeah, that is bound to work on Pashtun tribesmen.

Sheepish like they are.


A couple of you guys are acting as if he's easily replaceable. Time will tell how easily replaceable he is. I think regardless of contingency plans or pigs growing wings, this guy was a lot more important to their outfit than you are giving him credit for.

Time will tell, but to write this off as symbolism with no real effect seems pretty foolish, IMO.


Bush himself said that he was not that important anymore.

Now he is, he is a symbol to rally behind.

This will not weaken them, it will energize them.


You don't know that. At all. That's like killing the CEO of a corporation who isn't involved in day to day activities and thinking it won't have any effect on the company. Only time will tell if they can replace his leadership. Personally, I think we'll see a spike in terrorist activity in the short term but I think this will have an overall negative effect on their outfit for the long term.


I guess we'll see won't we...


If it doesn't stop their ability to commit violent acts in the short-run then how does it negatively affect them in the long-run?

Your statement is not even logical

Bin Laden had already been replaced the moment he went on the US wanted list.


Yes, we will.

For the record, I think the Pashtuns will never, ever give up, especially not about an Arab they do not give a shit about and that LankyMofo is right, there will be a, um, surge of blowing shit up.


Being intelligent is in fact a requirement for being truly evil.


It is perfectly logical. Honestly, if you don't think it's logical that a bunch of people may band together for a short period of time but may not be able to stay together without proper leadership, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Bin Laden has been on the US wanted list for damn near 20 years. He was replaced 20 years ago? No, he wasn't.


I dont think thats true, it is a requirement for being evil on a grand scale.

Lots of truly evil people are hampered in their ambitions because they are dump as a post.


Maybe, but they lack the resources. Keep in mind that bin ladens money was very useful to them. Now they don't have that. Plus, all the intelligence seized from the compound should prove quite useful.