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This chick from the FBI, Colleen Rowley Has some big fucking cahunas…

www.time.com/time/ covers/1101020603/story.html

Huh . . . ?

There was no picture of any female in that article… did they change it?

Until you show me some kahunas, I guess I’m stuck with Chloe Vevrier or Yulia Nova.

Dude: I think the term you are looking for is cojones. And you’re right that took some guts.

No shit! Guys, read the article and her memo. She comes across as very beleivable and also pissed off. What a clusterfuck. In any private corp a CEO that ran a company this poorly would have been immediately replaced. Sad and pathetic. Add this to Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Yes I guess I too thought I would be seeing boobies. Dammit!!!

I also thought I was going to see boobies, I guess I’ll read the article later.

I have to admit, I also went to the article
expecting to see some big tits, and was let
down. Though I haven’t heard of tits being
called “cahunas,” still it was what I hoped for. Just goes to show, I guess.

Yes. Of course we expected to see boobs. Why else would he say that she had “some big fucking cahunas…”. I am as disappointed as you guys.

Gents, “cojones” is a word for “balls.” I think the poster was saying it took guts to do what she did. Besides she’s nasty, I wouldn’t want to see her boobies. By the way, how much fun is it to say “boobies” or even type it. Boobies. Damn I love that word.

WTF no Boobies, Im dissappointed. Next time show us some boobies.

I want tits Dirk! Oh you bastard…don’t pull that shit again! lol:)