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Patrick Arnold's Lab Raided


Federal agents raid Illinois lab linked to BALCO steroid Chemist suspected of creating drug called 'the clear'



out of curiosity, does anyone know or has anyone heard what exactly the "clear" drug was that this guy was peddling? it was obviously something converted into a transdermal-just wondering


For some of the newbies (not the oldbies like me), Patrick Arnold has a few articles here at T-Mag. Do a search and you'll find them.


From the above article:

"Even before BALCO broke, Arnold was suspected by anti-doping officials as the man who resurrected the steroid norbolethone, a drug that was manufactured in the 1960s but never marketed to the public. The substance was discovered in the urine sample of an athlete in 2002. Based on e-mails and documents seized in the BALCO case, authorities believe norbolethone was the first generation of "the clear" distributed by Conte to elite athletes.

By the time of the BALCO raids in 2003, "the clear" was a newly designed steroid called tetrahydrogestrinone, or THG."