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Patricia's Tights

Silly question, but I am curious. In all of the strongman training and competition pics, Patricia wears tights. Is this a fashion thing, to protect the skin, or are they a compression type garment that enhances performance, like a bench shirt, but for legs?

All superheroes have to wear them.

Yeah what Jared said, it’s a mandatory superhero thing…

Goofy, but hey rules is rules…


They are just regular tights. They help protect her legs a little, but allow for free movement.

Polar Princess:

Due to the sensitive nature of my skin, I have to be careful. Especially with chalk. Believe it or not. Also, it’s not uncommon for my legs to be covered in bruises after a strongman training session. Especially after the heavy metal walk (or duckwalk) or Farmer Walks.

Yeah, it ain’t a “sexy” answer, just the truth.

And guys, very funny. :wink:


So that must mean that the cut-off jeans are the superhero thing, right? Cuz I knew there had to be some mandatory superhero dress code apparel thing. Its just a matter of whether it was the tights or something else.


The cutoffs are so that I have some sort of pocket for my emergency inhaler (I have asthma). Also, most of my tights are oooold and have holes just about everywhere, including the butt.

Damn practicality. How dull it is. I liked the superhero answer far better. :wink:

Have you seen my in my pink tights? :wink:

AC - you may be funny, but do you look hot in tights? Nope. Patricia looks way better. Maybe if you try adding the superhero cape the look will go over better though! :wink: