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Patricias competition

Yes indeed, anger is good. As long as you control it anyway.

Yeah, but what did that poor tire ever do to you to get so angry at it? I’d have to put my mother in law’s face on it or something. You know, they do weigh about the same…

Holy Tap Dancing Jehovah’s Witnesses!

You mean you’re THAT good that you can compete in something I’ll always dream about? Absolutely amazing. I am awestruck by your greatness. And I agree with the other guys/girls: You won when you showed up for that competition. From the heart of Canada I salute you. (well, maybe Alberta is more like the abs, or the glutes…) Nevertheless, you rock.

One last thing to always remember: Your accomplishments are my goals. I speak sincerely.

Wow. Your posts are always an inspiration for me. I love reading all the strongman/woman stuff that you and sully put up.

I must say, in all of the competitive sports I’ve done, I’ve always learned the most from the events that didn’t go my way. Your experience and the lessons learned from this will make you a stronger competitor and it will all the better to rise above what you believed possible when you ultimately achieve your goals. You have the biggest fan club of any strongwomen I know. You make our forum proud.

I think that we should create a T-song in support of Patricia. ('Cake, I know you’re gonna be up for this one!)

I’ll contribute the first couplet:

“She’s got eggs,
she knows how to use 'em!”


You did good, babe. We’re all proud of you!


Don’t know what else to say that hasn’t been said. You know you rock, right? Big props to you from the heart land!

Great Job Patricia. Now its time for some powerlifting. The first competition is always the hardest because no matter how much you learn you still have no idea what you are doing until youve done it a couple of times. Keep it up.

You were magnificent. Next time will be even better. The competition is in for a wicked surprise.

Although I am a relative newbie on this site, I feel a deep surge of pride for what you did. More important than that though, you should be proud of YOURSELF! You are so right that competition is a whole different game… the fact is, everyone would be nervous on their first competition, and that is why most people DON’T compete. You took the first step, faced your fears, and made your showing. You know that much more, and you will refine your training and make a stronger showing next time. One more thing, I don’t even have to see the competition to know that you were the best looking strong chick out there, and one of the coolest women I know of with all of you varied interests. What a complete life you lead! Keep it up, and MAJOR props from down here in Little Rock!

I agree with Sully… what in the heck is this doing in Off Topic?

Patricia, you’re learning how to do something completely new and you’re improving every single day. By the time your next comp. comes along, you’ll be that much more prepared.

Just training for something like this makes you a hero to all of us here, let alone actually competing. The help and inspiration you provide everyone here every time you contribute to a thread, answer a newbie’s question or anything for that matter is immeasurable. Thank you.

I’m getting misty just typing this. Time to go scare some children.

Hey, you did a great job. Just showing up is a huge accomplishment, and when you apply what you learned you will do even better next time. Have a beer, take a step back, and come back that much stronger. Congrats and good luck in the next one.

You can already tell that you have the love and admiration of all that post on this forum. Congratulations on a job well done. I am glad that you shared your experiences with us all. You are awe-inspiring and someone that I myself look up to.

You Rock!! (and you ARE a rock!)


Fuckin’ A.

Good show, Patricia. Keep on keepin’ on…

There sure are some supportive folks hangin’ out on this board. It’s cool reading all these posts.

Patricia, You are awesome!
I’ve always read your posts with great interest, knowing that you were an example of what women could be. You have it all girl, beauty, brains, and brawn. You came in first as far as I can concerned!

Never Give Up!

Congrats on your first contest, Patricia. I’m dreading my first contest in summer heat, so you get props in my book for just finishing. That’s a great job with the tire! Especially for the first time flipping in grass - it’s so much harder than flipping on a solid surface!

“It’s funny, at the time, I thought I was goin’ a hundred miles an hour with that tire…”

Oh, yeah! I’ve definitely had that experience!

“It felt lighter than 400lbs.”

Ok, so I’ve never had that experience. Hehe. :slight_smile:


I think it’s awesome that you competed, Patricia, inspirational for us all. I give you a lot of credit for competing.


Awesome effort and awesome pics, Patricia!!

Keep that fire burning within and you’ll be kickin’ ass and taking names in no time!

I’m late in the game here…but all I have to say is that you sure are a winner in “our” book! We all know the hard work and dedication you put in to training for the strongwoman, and I think it is safe to say that it is only a matter of time till bring you home the goods (and no, I am not talking about beer!!)…;o) GREAT JOB.

Here’s a pic of Jesse Marunde right as he’s rolling a 350lb log up for the press.

BTW: Jesse placed 5th at the 2002 WSM competition.

And Jesse pressing that 350lb log. Damn!

His press technique is very similar to a “jerk”. Ko is going to adopt this technique, since it seems it’d allow one to press a bit more weight.