Patricia's Boxing

Patricia, didn’t you start your boxing training last week? How did it go? Was it what you expected? Did you actually get to give someone a knuckle sandwich?

Wow, someone is really interested in this? HA! SO I go to this Boxing class at Knott St. Boxing Gym in Matt Dishman Community Center. Ko and I get there early to check out the “intermediate class”. Because the people at the center had told me that I should take the “beginners” FIRST (and Ko agreed, he thought maybe I could work more on my jab) - so I was curious to see how “intermediate” this class was.

Aye Carumba! Here's what we saw: three girls to a bag, pummeling mindlessly away with no thought to punching form/technique. Visibly no sign of any knowledge of a combination, much less a jab, upper cut or hook. Sure, they were training to "boxing rounds" - but there was only one guy teaching this class of like, 15 chicks. I was gettting visibly upset as I watched this - a "intermediate class". The chicks who were to be in my class had begun to gather around and were taking it very personally that I was getting upset. THIS is NOT what I WANTED. It was certainly a "cardio boxing" or "boxing fitness" class. VERY upset - so Ko picked up the gym bag and began walking to the front desk, where we were going to ask for a refund and how to get a hold of the Head Boxing Coach of the Boxing Team (that trains there).

We got the refund, and spoke to Rudy (Head Coach). I was to begin training last night, but I'm sick (wouldn't you believe it?). SO, I spoke to Rudy yesterday and I swear, I'm coming in tonight. The only drawback is my age: I'll have to fight in the "Masters" divisions (in Amatuer). But we'll see. Stay tuned......:-)

The expectations I have are these: it'll be hard training, I will get hit, I will hit, there are going to be days, where I do not want to do this (but that's just laziness talking) but will NEED to train - it ain't gonna be easy. But what the hell? Oh, and Ko began his MMA training last night! Very excited!

Yikes, that sounds scary, at least they didn’t have those infommercial mannequins and the instrutor going “Now come on girls, jab, and jab, and jab, thats it, doin’ great” but it sounds like that may have been the beginner class. I hope that the head trainer takes your efforts more seriously and you get out of it what you want. As for the masters age group, it may be a case of proving yourself and then being able to fight in an open category, then you can show those whipper snappers a thing or too. As for Ko’s MMA, what a kick arse household, you’ll be fighting each other over the ice packs!

We actually fight each other for that last beer in the fridge…hee hee

And I will win!!

Patricia. Goof luck in the Boxing thing. I am glad to see that you know the importance of finding quality training. I was the Utah State Champion, and regional Golden Gloves Champion from 1994-1998, back when I weighed under 200lbs. Its hard work, if your serious your gonna have to train every day, or you will be beaten by someone who does! I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks Powerlifter! Good words from someone who knows - always appreciated!

Glad to hear that you’re embarking on a new quest, most respectable of T-Vixens. I have been itching about getting back into Brazilian JJ and Thai boxing but cannot right now due to time constraints. Maybe by Spring/Summer I’ll be able to handle it. One small slice of advice; when I trained I did so with such a passion that I was on the mat an average of 6 days and 13-14 hours a week. I began to burn myself out and realized later that I had not been absorbing all that I could have. I suppose the moral here is to keep your mouthguard in to prevent biting off more than is digestible. Play hard, have fun.

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Why, thank you, Mr. Monkeyboy! I understand completely what you’re saying. And I am not going to be blinded with my passion for training as I embark on this new endeavor. I have effectively “emptied my cup” and am wanting to “refill” with as much new knowledge about this sport (boxing) as possible. I’ve got too much damn respect for boxing as it is…I surely don’t want to blight it with a lack of grace, skills, or smarts!