In my infinite boredom, I was reading an old thread about the “watercure2” method of treating allergies, asthma, migraines, sinus infections, and all that good stuff. It involved drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water in conjuction with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per quart of water. This goes back about a year. You were supposed to give it a shot. Did you? What were the results?

It’s funny you’re bringing this up now. I tried it for a couple of weeks, and then I just stopped. Someting 'bout not wanting to feel waterlogged…;-))

But I’m thinking about revisiting this method again since my asthma has been giving me some hell lately. And I’m gonna be needing my lungs.

True dat. I’ve got the water part down, but I never considered the importance of sea salt. I shall purchase some this weekend. Traditional remedies have provided me with no relief from allergies, sinus infections, and asthma, although it seems like your case is more severe than mine.

It’s just been hell around here this past week. Rather muggy (warm and humid). So that makes my asthma act up.

If I recall in that thread, Ko and Mike discussed which type of sea salt to get, right?

Yes, I believe Mike said any generic brand will do.

For all of you with allergies, check out this page

Its a product treatment based on a root that was discovered by a danish engineer in India, when he was actually looking for a treatment for paradentosis. All you have to do is wash your mouth with it for 2 minutes, morning and evening, for 4 months and the active compounds gets absorbed through your epithelia.

I know this sounds more or less too good to be true, but

a. Ive been cured since age 11 (17 years), as has my younger brother. We both used to have massive food allergies (eggs, milk, gluten/flour,additives etc.) and also reactions to animal hair, bee stings, dust and what not. I now it 100% normal and dont have to pay any attention to it.

b. The have a money back guarantee, so you dont really risk anything.

Disclaimer: Even though Im danish like the company, I do not receive any kickbacks for “spreading the word” :slight_smile: I just know whats its like to suffer under this condition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

(I tried to post info on this when bgprljamfan posted about cat allergies earlier, but it got eaten by the forum deamons…)

OK, its late here in Europe…

“I now eat 100% normal and dont have to pay any special attention to it…”

DD90: Thanks for the suggestion. Interesting. I’ll check it out.

I’m going to check it out also. I’ve had slight allergies all my life but they’ve worsened after my office burned down. I was taking some stuff out the front before the fire took down the building(my office is in a town block, the fire started a few doors up)and ever since they’ve been worse. I have a constant post nasal drip. Last summer was very dry in pa. and I went through hell. Very little training, definitely no bike riding.