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Patricia....that Matirx Teaser Was Awesome!

How cool was The Matrix teaser??? I am so excited about the sequel coming out in May…and even better, the other one is in November!!! I hate to admit it…but I think I am looking more forward to this movie than Star Wars

I didn’t think it was that good. I think the upcoming (spring/summer) Matrix movie might suck. It will be hard to live up to the first. The upcoming one just looks like the first, except Neo knows how to kick ass this time. Whoop-de-doo…I can’t wait to see an entire movie of Reeves flying around like Superman kicking “virtual reality” ass. Of course, they will throw in a “twist” where something happens to the crew in real life such that Neo will have to be a real hero in the real world where he has no super powers, or somehow Neo will be taken captive in the real world and the crew will have to save him. Or perhaps there is a Matrix within the Matrix…ooohhh, aaahh. I am sure there will be some knid of cliffhanger at the end with Reeves being in peril (maybe frozen like Han Solo or something…j/k). Or maybe it is all a dream and Reeves will wake up, washed up on the beach as the almost-drowned surfer from Point Break (actually, that would be a hilarious ending). It seems very predictable. I hate predictable, but I will go see it just in case! I was also disappointed in the CG for The Hulk, too. The Hulk looked and moved waaay too cartoonish. There was absolutely no illusion of realism…I hope it was not the final product.

Oh yeah. It twas a damn cool trailer. Did you catch just a bit of that fight between Neo and the 100 Agent Smiths? Whoa. Can’t wait to see that one. I was hoping to see more of some of the other new characters (Persephone and Niobe), but oh well; what was shown was pretty kewl.

I'm not kidding when I say I'm in geek heaven. Daredevil on February 14; Shanghai Knights; The Hulk (which I thought looked gooooooood); The Matrix; LoTR; Spider-Man....and more. I haven't even thought about Star Wars......why should I? Until George "I must have TOTAL control" Lucas gets a better director and writer, the next Star Wars will be the same old yawnfest as the other two.

ummm…I thought the next Star Wars was going to be about Aniken totally flipping out. That would be totally sweet. Seriously, I think the new one is supposed to be very dark. I’m definitely down with that. But I could be entirely wrong.

Just, curious why do all the Good or (Blockbuster) movies come out Spring and Summer time?

No surprise – kids are out of school and parents will send them to the malls (with the requisite theaters attached) rather than deal with them. Larger audience base.

Banging his head on the desk. I should have known that.

The new Matrix movie looks awesome. Cannot wait! Regarding Star Wars, I am a big fan of the original series, but the new stuff just sucks. I agree with Patricia, Lucas needs a new director who won’t let those cheesy lines make it to the screen.

Star Wars always had bad acting, with exception of Harisson Ford. But, you can’t beat the story lines in the episodes 3,4 and 5. I think the 3rd installment of Star Wars will be dark and gloomy, so I think it should be a good one.

sorry, 4,5, and 6 not 3,4 and 5

the next star wars will be, aniken turns int odarth vader, the only surviving jedi will be obey won and yoda. that’s it folks. cool to be hating on the new matrix from one trailer.lol i saw the making of the first one and they were making the reloded one at the time. they said that how the matrix won all kinds of awards for special effects, this one will blow away the first one introducing new effects, that was what lawrence fishburn said. he seemed genuinely excited, not pumping the movie. they also said they wanted both to come out close so that you can go watch part 2 then part 3 right after in the same day. i hope they both come out on imax!

There was a great article in Newsweek last month about the Matrix sequels. The article quoted the visual-effects supervisor as saying, “I’ve heard the ‘Star Wars’ people boast about shooting frames that are 97 percent digital, and lo and behold, the movies are soulless”. My sentiments exactly. Can’t wait for “Reloaded”.