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Patricia and ALL - ANIME MATRIX


We never spoke Patricia but we both love good movies and I always read your posts about movies and anything else you say. But if you or anyone else loves the Matrix or animation. You are in luck. Probably better than the Matrix movie. Go to www.theanimatrix.com They have the first part done of a 4 part series. Its an animation (classic style with well drawn out cells, brings a tear to my eye). It is the bomb. Its about the uprising of the robots and how it all started. You can also download it on fileplanet.com. It worth downloading the 140 meg, 10 min first episode. Violent and graphic in nature but awesome. I hope you enjoy it too Patricia.

Hey, thanks!

I’ve read about this “Animatrix” - and haven’t had the time to watch it. It was just released, too - right?

I’m checking it out right now! Thanks again!

Just checked it out. Fabulous! I KNOW that the art is based on Geoff Darrow’s stuff?! Has to be.
Geoff Darrow is the one who does the conceptual work for The Matrix. His best stuff, IMO, is “Hard Boiled” comic book (written by Frank Miller, 1991). GREAT stuff!!!

I didn’t watch it at that site you recommended but at www.animatrix.com

Patricia- Its very good and next month they have another. From what the preview clip showed they took 7 of the best japanimations and CGI guys asked them to make short stories. The DVD of all the short stories comes out on June 3. Also the video game, Matrix which is coming out soon also has 1 hour worth of footage. The game cost 20 million to make and they filmed during the movie and extra hour of footage just for the game. Its going to be so sweet.

Patricia, I also immediately recognized Darrow’s work- he has that certain “something” in his art where you can immediately tell its him- saw the movie and said “Hey! Its that guy from Hard Boiled!”. Hard Boiled was well ahead of its time when it came out- awesome stuff. Did he do anything else, and does anyone know if he’ll be doing all these animatrix episodes?

Go here: www.vachss.com/media/comics/geof_darrow.html

This should help fee that “Darrow Art Craving”. I tell you what, I live in the land of “Dark Horse” comics, and the founder/pres, Richardson last year had a display of ALL the original art he has collected over the years. I saw two of Darrows (from Hard Boiled) - WOW. And various other unbelievable work.

Thanks, Patricia. Great website. Funny that he does a lot of Dark Horse stuff. A friend of mine from when I was a kid is now an editor over there, and he actually turned me on to Hard Boiled back in the day. We re-started correspondence a few months back, but he never mentioned anything about them coming out with new Darrow stuff. I’ll need to check that out. This could re-start my addiction to comics, which I thought I shook when I went off to college. DAMN!!