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Patrica: Boxing Program?

I know Patrica has given in depth descriptions of her strength training experiances…care to comment on your boxing training? Thanks.

She hits KO until he takes out the garbage.

Ha, The Mage. Funny. However, if that were true, Ko would be truly a wimp. I ain’t no competition for him.

I am not doing anything at this point, "revolutionary" in the area of boxing training. When I'm in the boxing gym, I train along with the others. We spend 20-minutes in the beginning of training performing "conditioning" exercises. Granted, it's "old school" stuff: like traveling in circle in the ring, performing combinations; performing jumping jacks, 25-sets of 5; squats, at the top, perform combinations. 20-sets of 5; lunges, 20-sets of 5; push ups, 10-sets of 5 (we'll do another 10-sets as well); various ab exercises (25-sets of 5). This is just a sample. I may spend another 15-minutes with the jump rope, if I still feel kinda tight. Then it's heavy bag training. I'll spend either the rest of training on a bag or spend sometime up in the ring with the focus pads. Sometimes both.

See? Nothing different. From what I can tell, I'm the only one who weight trains. The only one who knows anything about weights. And it's helped me. During conditioning, I'm usually the only one who lasts the entire session. There's like two other guys (and I usually position myself in between these two guys, too) who are unbelievably conditioned. But they've been doing this ALOT longer than I.

On my own time, I still jump rope in the A.M., twice a week. Oh, and I have also been jumping into one of the other rings (we have two in the gym), for some "shadow boxing". I also shadow box at home now.

I go back in this week - have been too sick to train at all last week. Thanks for asking!