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Patient Rights

My doctor is not allowing the receptionists to fax me the results of my blood test until I see him. When it comes to viewing labs, is there some rights for patients?

It depends on what state (country?) you live in

The place that does my bloodwork won’t give me a copy until they either 1) fax it to my doc, regardless of whether or not I’m seeing them, or 2) their doc reviews them. I’ve been in a pissing match with them before, now they know just to give me a copy when they are available.

some doctors are like that.

no idea if it is legal or not, but I would just ask the doctor for a copy before my visit so that I can review the results in order to make the most of our limited time together… and that if the doctor refuses then I let them know (after my visit once I get the results in my hands) that I would unfortunately be unable to continue working with them.

doctors who don’t share the results with their patients BEFORE the office visit are simply trying to retain the power and control over the relationship and are in general not interested in the opinions or input of the actual patient. you just need to sit there, listen, and do what the doc says without question.

Yea, I’m firing this doctor. He doesn’t want to hear my concerns and acts like a “know-it-all”. I scheduled an appointment to receive my lab results and so he could discuss it with me. I don’t see why he couldn’t fax me the lab results, what is the harm in doing that? I understand he wants to talk with me but I really need to come in for that?

Also, his receptionist, (when calling for my results), asked for my pharmacy number. I asked for what? She said that the doctor is prescribing a statin for your cholesterol. So, he can’t fax me results because I need to speak with him first but he’ll prescribe medication without telling me anything about it?

Bullshit doc.

Yup. Search on, amigo.

be careful with statins, increased CHOL can be due to your system trying to fuel the hormone production cycle and taking a statin can cause even more problems. I have read about several horror stories from people who took statins - muscle damage, muscle wasting, crippling pain, etc.