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Patience running tight!

I tried searching for atleast an hour and now Im impatient. Im using a food log and was basically wondering if, I know it’s been covered before, you guys are including fiber or subtracting it from total carb count? I should know this, but I don’t!

Da Boxer


I subtract mine man it has no effect on insulin nor is it used for energy.


I’m sure most subtract.

Hey, there, Al. I subtract fiber from total carbs because fiber is a subset. Since fiber has no calories and doesn’t cause an insulin response, they don’t really count.

I just count my fiber as carbs. The only time where I really think you need to worry about subtracting them is if you are on a low carb diet and want to make sure that you get as many carbs as you are allowed.

Boxer Al…you can subract the fiber from the carbs.

When I do my food logs, I just worry about subtracting calories from protein and fat from total calories. Whatever is left over is divided by 4 to find “real” carb intake, as fiber doesn’t contribute to calories.

So, I guess the answer is: “No; I do not include fiber in my total carb intake.”

Subtract fiber from total carb total. I read about this in the original T-Dawg Diet.


I thank you all for responding. One question though, I read a reply that stated to simply subtract the fiber from carb. count, but not to worry about calories as it is already NOT included? So, if steel cut oats reads as follows CHO 27g 4g fiber it should read 108calories, or will it read 120 calories? Do you guys follow me here?

da boxer

Al, subtract the fiber from the carbs and use the number listed for calories as is. Using your example, I’d record the 120 kCal number in my food log.

Once again, fiber is a subset of carbs. But calories stands on its own, separate and distinct; nothing added, nothing subtracted.

Perfecto, tampa-terry to the rescue once again. What a gal!

Da boxer