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Path to an Elite Total

Well as the title says, my goal is an Elite total in an SPF meet. Most likely @ 220, unless I get swole and end up in the 242’s.

Little background- 33, 5’10’’ 210, approx 14% BF, been lifting for about 6 years, competed in only 3 full meets. My meet pr’s are 500,365,500 @ 210. Recently just built a man cave at home, so most all my training is done there, when time allows I like to join the crew at Musclehead’s for ME bench. As far as training I have been down several roads, bodybuilding type splits, crossfit, Westside, 5-3-1, and I am currently giving Sheiko a try.

Diet- I have been a clean eater ever since I started lifting. Played around with Paleo for sometime, but its pretty hard to gain any mass with carbs that low. No alcohol for nearly 2 years and no soda for nearly a year now.

Supps- Currently not taking anything outside of my normal everyday stuff. Whey, Fish Oil, D3, Vit C and a multi. I have been researching the hell of going to the dark side. Thinking of trying a test only cycle for Oct-Dec.

Any and all comments/ suggestions are welcome.