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Paternity Testing



It looks like this bill might make it mandatory.


FTR I think this is a step in the right direction.


Is the test 100% accurate?

I could see that being a problem if they aren't.


I would assume that the results would be double and triple checked considering the fallout of a false negative.


Meh. The good outweighs the bad I guess. On one hand, it might protect some men who don't want to be shackled with the responsability of a child who isn't theirs, so long as the birth certificate is issued early enough, and the courts don't later decide that you established yourself as the father during gestation, when the mother fails to provide the identity of the actual father. On the other hand, some kids will loose out on having a father because their mom is a useless twit. It all depends on how having such proof is twisted by each of the parties concerned. Is it an excuse for a man not to support the child, or an excuse for the woman to alienate a man from a child? Will it have more kids knowing their dads, or more kids knowing that their dads didn't want them? They have to make having your name on the birth certificate more meaningful for it to really matter.


As long as there isn't any wording that would make this retroactive, I'm all for it.

<------- Wipes away sweat.


Hopefully not some quick cheap job. :-/

Maybe medical testing types will chime in on how accurate it is.???


With the exception of Chimera DNA etc. I believe it is pretty much foolproof.


In NY state they do not ask who is the father because they do not want women left/beaten/etc. when the baby's DNA does not match the father. Apparently this is a big problem.


I'd prefer the government stayed out of my personal affairs unless I invite them in.


What are the laws if the parents break up and the father wants to test if he's the father. If it turns out he isn't does that mean he does not have to pay child support?




While I don't agree with the mandatory aspect, I would not want to spend my life looking after someone else's kid thinking it was mine.

The thought that a guy could spend his whole life looking after a kid, making all kinds of sacrifices, and then to find out it wasn't really his makes me shudder. I would seriously be contemplating murder.


The law considers what is in the best interest of the child.

I think it basically varies between jurisdictions, but yes, there are cases where a non-biological 'father' has been required to pay child support.


I mean, I see being angry yeah, but if you're there for the birth, raise her as your own, and find out 20 years later she was the mailman's...

That makes your daughter's mother a fucking filthy liar whorebag, but that little girl, is YOUR baby girl, and always will be, blood or not. And that part doesn't sound so bad.


It was in July 2007 when Mike L. asked the Pennsylvania courts to declare that he was no longer the father of his daughter. For four years, Mike had known that the girl he had rocked to sleep and danced with across the living-room floor was not, as they say, "his." The revelation from a DNA test was devastating and prompted him to leave his wife ? but he had not renounced their child. He continued to feel that in all the ways that mattered, she was still his daughter, and he faithfully paid her child support. It was only when he learned that his ex-wife was about to marry the man who she said actually was the girl's biological father that Mike flipped. Supporting another man?s child suddenly became unbearable.


I don't know the laws, but I know a guy who is currently getting screwed over by a crazy ex wife.

He and his ex were getting divorced, and he wanted know how much money she needed for their three year old daughter. She told him he didn't have to pay, as the child wasn't his.

Present day, nearly ten years later he received a letter welcoming him to the family maintenance enforcement program, and he owes nearly $100,000 in child support arrears. He had a paternity test back when it originally happened, but apparently his ex wife is arguing that he knew the kid wasn't his and didn't care.

His new wife told me that their first consultation with a lawyer revealed that there was an outside chance he could have to pay, but it was too early to tell. Not great news considering they just had a kid last year.


Jesus... I feel so bad for that dude.


Maybe that should be changed, or not. :-/

Is it in the best interest of the child for everybody to know who it's father is at birth? It's like it's the rights of an innocent child(without choices) to have both parents as long as possible vs the rights of a man who may be a fool(but had choices).

It seems more complicated when you get into it as far as what's best and who is more important.


Despite not being a father yet, I think I understand that aspect.

The thing is, I would also be thinking about how I put all that effort in, made personal sacrifices etc, all based on a lie, and all the potential that was lost. And at that point, I would be pretty close to too late to start over. I can't help but think there would be blind rage towards the mother.

It would not be about punishing the child, but I don't know if I could make myself rationalize it the way you describe.


Sometimes blissful ignorance is really the best.

I would think that a law such as this would potentially lead to more divorces and single parenthood.