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Patents for Human Beings Banned??


A step towards the right direction . . . .

Another big advance for the pro-life cause as federal law now recognizes the humanity of the unborn child in yet another way: research scientists are now banned under U.S. patent law from taking out a patent on a human being they create in the lab.

Some scientists and the companies they work for want to clone or create 'experimental human beings' that they can experiment on and perhaps earn profits from. These human embryos could be used in everything from testing medicines to gauging human sensitivity to certain cosmetics.

But a human being, no matter how small, is not a commodity. After the human research abuses in World War II, the U.S. even signed international treaties that reflect our belief that never again should a human being be used as a research subject without their consent or used solely for the benefit of another.

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From an email sent by: National Right to Life


And they made it so tax strategies no longer distinguish from prior art. USA! USA!


I am curious. What does this mean: "tax strategies no longer distinguish from prior art"? Thanks.