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Patellar Tendonitis

Tomorrow is the start of the 5th week of my 2nd cycle 750mg Test E EW. First was 500mg EW W1-12 followed by 6 weeks of cruising at 250mg EW. My squat (olympic high bar ATG with raised heel) has increased over 100 lbs in that time and still adding 5 lbs per week. So probably muscles have gotten stronger faster than connective tissue.

Last summer I had shin splints which healed but they caused patellar tendonitis, and the hardly noticeable pain stayed the same for the past couple months until a week ago hitting a 5 rep max on squats I fell forward a bit and it hurt a lot more than the usual tightness/discomfort.

I’m taking this week off of all lower body except slow eccentric leg extensions with light weight (helps bring blood and nutrients to area). Next week I’m gonna add deadlifts back in because it never caused any problems. And no squats until there’s no pain. It doesn’t hurt except when I’m squatting or if I take a hard impact step it feels tight.

The question is should I stop the cycle and start cruising until it’s better, then start the cycle over? Or just finish out this cycle and focus on upper body and maybe the deadlift? I don’t wanna waste any juice and heard that it slows down the rate connective tissue heals. It seems like I could be healed in 4 weeks but it could be a lot longer

This is pretty common, I’ve dealt with it a lot myself. Here is what I would do if I were you:

  1. Buy two 4-inch elastic ACE bandages (not the self-adhering ones) and wrap your knees pretty tight before squatting. I like to leave a little space on my kneecap so as to limit range of motion less, but this is just personal preference. Basically knee sleeves but they are tighter, they don’t smell like shit after one use, and are a fraction of the price (~6$ each)

  2. Fish oil, and a lot of it. Look on the label of whatever fish oil you are taking, add up the EPA and DHA to get the amount. Shoot for at least 5 grams a day of EPA+DHA and keep taking more until your pain goes away or you start getting the shits.

If you do these things you can probably get away with continued squatting, but it’s up to you and depends on how much pain you are in. I would keep squatting but that’s just me, don’t hurt yourself. On your squats make sure you aren’t getting forward onto your toes, it could be what’s causing you the pain.

@mattb230 Hey man thanks for the response! Especially since it looks like you joined just to reply.

Those ACE bandages are exactly what I was looking for. Ordered some from amazon. I’m gonna avoid squats until they get here but taking 5 days off so far has done a lot to heal my knee and I can barely tell anything is wrong at this point. The true test will be when I squat again but I’ll start back with these and see how it goes. Perfect.

I’ve been doing the fish oil at 4g per day but I’ll up the dose.

And yeah when I fell forward on squats that’s when the pain increased and began to linger even after exercising. I’ve been working through it for months I just don’t want to be one of those guys who trains for years with knee pain and risk serious injury because I couldn’t take a few weeks to let it heal.

I went ahead and shot the full dose continuing my cycle.

Thanks again!

High bar squats with raised heel put too much stress on petalla.Quads doing all the work in high bar sq.I did high bar squats with oly shoes for 3 months and patella pain started in both legs.Then I switched back to low bar wide stance with chuck taylors now I’m free of pain.You need to stretch calves,quads daily,also you should do art or massage them for myofascial release.Dorsiflexion is very important ,you also had shin splints thats caused by the lack of dorsiflexion.Thats what I know.Good luck