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Patellar Tendon Knee Strap


Anybody tried these? I try foam rolling 3 times a day for nearly a month now and I cannot loosen up my right leg's IT band, it is night and day difference from my left leg's IT band. It's on the outside of my knee, and I can feel the band snap funny when I straighten my leg, especially when under tension such as during a leg press. Any more aggressive treatment ideas?


Your foam roller could be shite... maybe try that new Rumble Roller.


ordered the rumble roller although im skeptical that'll fix my problem. Starting to think I have a bigger issue. Anybody ever heard of prolotherapy? It's a series of knee injections to strengthen tendons and ligaments and also help heal damaged cartiledge.


You can't effectively foam roll / massage the IT band. It is simply too strong. A pair of hands / your bodyweight are not strong enough to meaningfully loosen up the tissue. You need to figure out why it's tight (if it's tight at all) and correct that issue. The most common thing when it comes to the knee is the feet turn out too much in relation to the knee. This is often from tight peroneals: Read #2 here: http://b-reddy.org/2011/08/04/3-common-tight-muscles/

The peroneals and IT band are connected. Could be why you are so tender at the IT band. Tough to say without seeing you move.

Prolotherapy is worthless crap. Save your money.