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Patellar Tendionitis



my pain is very minor... i don't even feel it, i can squat sit, jump w/ no pain, walk stairs w/ no pain... its been a months since i've gone running though... it would bother me after i played basketball or ran... he told me however to even lay off the weights.. go to physical therapy and get ultrasound along w/ arthrotec... let it heal and then strengthen... what do you all think of this?


hey bro what you need to do first is keep your mental , I like you have the same problem and have had for 3 years now at times I thought this pain would not go away, but with smart hard work it will. But what you need to do, is attack it now before it gets bad. Key words "pre-hab" "re-hab" "stretching" and "strengthening" . follow these guides and the pain will stop, if you dont believe me the road will get worse. Some things to do is check "18 tips for bulletproof knees" article on T-Nation and I recomend a book by Mark Verstergen titled "core performance" If you have any other Q"s holla back.


hey good looks man... what do you think about a.r.t.? i brought this up to him and he said there is no magical formula... it wouldn't hurt he said but stay w/ the ultrasound and therapy for 2 months