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Patellar Tendinosis


I have recently been diagnosed with minor patellar and quadriceps tendinosis, which is a bitch.

After having 4 weeks of off-time from squats and olympic lifts, I started training again.
I started very low (80kg) with a 5x3 scheme, three times a week. I increased this by 2.5kg each week.
This worked out fine for some weeks, until I started closing in on 100kg's again.

The day after training, I feel really stiff over the knees.
It does go away with the couch stretch (ref. Kelly Starret), so I've started doing it before bed and after I get up in the morning in addition to post-workout.
This does help, but the knees still get a bit stiff.

I'm also foamrolling (Rumble Roller).
I've also got a pair of Voodoo Bands, which I haven't used in a while..

Does anyone here have experience with this kind of injury?
What worked for you?


What caused this? Do you have anterior pelvic tilt by any chance?


A little bit, but not that much.

Physios have said that it was no problem. I did have very tight quads and calves though, so I've been stretching like a maniac.


I have actually been dealing with the same thing for a sad 7 years now. At times it was worse and other times better but I’m still struggling to find the solution. Have you had any success?


I’ve had it for almost 2 years now myself.

To be honest, I think once this particular ailment turns chronic, I think most will deal with it forever, especially if you’re a iron junkie.

What’s worked for me in order of most importance:

  1. Moderate all aspects of volume (frequency, intensity, reps/sets, etc). If it’s flaring reduce all aspects of volume until you get some relief.

  2. Stretch quads, calves, adductors and hamstrings daily. Roll out with your choice of roller. Slow rolls with pauses.

  3. Variations! Don’t just wear out one movement. This is an overuse injury typically, so find 3-4 squat variations and cycle them.

You can’t squat 5 times per week with this ailment. Not happening. I have one ‘heavy’ session (maybe 2-3 hard sets) and one volume session with something like goblet squats. This has been woeking for me to get close to almost pain free.

Look at some of smashwerx’s vids on YouTube.

Good luck; it’s a bitch.


I appreciate the information. I checked out smashwekx videos and I’m
intrigued by the lacrosse ball weight massage. Have you tried that massage
technique? Also, have you ever tried Graston?



Yeah, I’ve tried that smash, too aggressive for my taste. My suprapetellar pouch is too sensitive for that kind of punishment.

I like to use a pvc or firm roller and put all my weight on one leg with very slow rolls with pauses up and down the quad and IT band. Hit all the nooks and crannies. Slllllllloooowwww with pauses.

Graston is a complete waste in my opinion.


I appreciate all of the feedback. I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been
dealing with this solo and this is the first time I have been able to
relate to other people. I’m going to give Graston a shot just to be sure
and try smashing my quad tendon with 45lbs worth of lacrosse ball and see
what pain I can endure. I do have a solid foam roller if that’s too much.

Are you able to run at all with your quad tendinosis? That’s pain central
for me, therefore I’d only run if my life depended on it…literally.


Mines manageable, with adjusted volume, so yes I run comfortably. If I squat or any knee bend beyond my recovery capacity though, it jumps back on me quick.