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Patellar Pain After Squats


I recently broke the 315 "barrier" for squats and since then my knees have been sore specifically around the patella immediately above and below the bone. Could this be just overuse from this 5x5. I squat ATG fyi. Could my form be an issue? if so I'll tape my squats tomorrow.


Are you bouncing out of the bottom?


Rarely a bad idea to tape the movement so other can see it.

Do you stretch your quads and particularly your IT band regularly?


don't recall. I may. Video would say definitely.


stretching is noticeably absent from my program. Just got some PVS pipe so I'll be rolling now may as well stretch too.


Excessive bouncing will fry your knees. Catching a slight bounce isn't bad from a controlled descent, it is when you start bouncing from a broken elevator descent.


Do you do any single leg work in your training? If not try adding sets of lunges, split squats, step up, basically anything into either your warm up or as accesory work after squatting.