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Patella Tracking Issue

Hey guys, so just to break it down real fast. Ive been having this tracking issue for a couple years now and despite PT from my insurance and all sorts of readings even on here I still just CANNOT get my patella on both sides to track correctly. I know for a fact the outside of my leg is pulling on it because that is the direction it goes.

Please mother of god has anyone else had this issue and fixed it? I can squat heavy with no pain but the catching of the joint is just so irritating.


Foam roll and stretch your IT bands. They are what’s pulling your patella laterally. Also, you can apply the McConnell taping method to help. Good luck.


You might want to have someone look at your glutes too. I spent a year foam rolling my ITB and working on my VMO with a physiotherapist and nothing changed. I swapped over to a different physio who instantly noticed a fair amount of wastage upstream in my glute min. Apparently, the firing pattern had basically turned off and that muscle wasn’t doing it’s job to keep my left leg in balance and that lack of balance was showing itself in my knee.