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Patella Tendinosis


Well it seems I have some patella tendinosis in my left leg (the one that goes back when I jerk), I figured something like this would more than likely crop up with the amount of squatting/lifting I've been doing.

Yesterday after usual front squat my knee clicked and touching the bottom of the patella last night was really painful. Doesn'y hurt so much today and I worked upto a 97% of max back squat with what I would describe as medium pain. But any volume feels like it will inflict lots of pain.

Tempted to back squat and do the power moves for a week to see if that works?

I'm rather unwilling to rest it, I'm getting an ultrasound on tuesday to have it looked at. Other than that, does anyone have any advice? Everything on the internet seems to be for runners...


Work on box squats now to take some of the load off. Cross frictional massage of the tendon with a lubricated butter knife works well. I know it sounds funny but I'm not kidding. It's like the poor man's Graston therapy. A topical anti-inflammatory might work to kill some of the initial inflammation but should obviously not be used long term. If all else fails, platelet rich plasma or prolotherapy could be possible options.


Thank you for the advice. I'm on a short term course of anti-inflammatorys, will give the other stuff a go