Patella Femoral Syndrome

I have just been diagnosed with atella femoral syndrome, likly a result of getting back into squatting after a 6 year lay off. i have made great gains in the last 2 months going from reps with 135- 5x225. The doc told me just dont squat. I can understand this being rational for some time, but what about starting out with say 30 degree squats, maybe some front squats once tha pain is gone? does anybody have any good advice about how to get back into squatting once the pain is gone?

Also anyone know if front squats may be a better option when i return than back squats? as far as rehab exercises he gave me none and said the problem is just from squatting and the cartilage rubbing the bone causes the pain, no real tracking problem. Id appreciate any advice from people that have had this problem also.

How is your soft tissue quality of your hip flexors and quads? How is the mobility of your hips? Glute activation up to par?

Do you have video of you squatting? I would be interested in seeing your technique during squats. Ideally, when somebody has chronic knee discomfort, I would recommend sticking to squat/lunge techniques that keeps a relatively vertical shin position, as to decrease the anterior shearing force on the knee.

Also, I would strongly cue the “hips first” and “hips back” approach during your squat. In terms of the front squat vs back squat, I would think that the front squat (which is much more quad dominant and produces more anterior searing force) would aggravate the knees more than the back squat, but that is all depending on your technique, etc.

Thank god someone told me to box squat. This has resulted in no pain whatsoever and i think has actually sped up my recovery. hopefully after some time i can get into regular squatting.