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Patella boo boo

Hey guys!!!

I have a question for you.....I broke my patella about 5 years ago in a

freestyle bmx accident…fell from a good height directly on my left knee…it has progressively
gotten worse in the 5 years since…

I finally went to see a doctor about it…got an MRI…and had my final talk with him today…
he said that I have worn down and crushed my patella cartillage behind my cap…doesnt hurt
with walking or running…but kills when I squat…

he told me the rest of my knee is great but there is nothing I can do except deal with it

or stop activitys that bug it…I am an athlete and this is not an option…I spoke to him
about growth hormone…and any other options I could think of…he was pretty clueless…
I was pretty disapointed…so…

we all see in the movies when the football players get shots in there bad knees so
they can play…can you fill me in about some of this…I researched it online…but

I want some real experiance…how long would a shot last?..how much would
a athlete use?how hard is it on your body?what do these athletes end up like after
their careers are over?

 any help I could get would be awesome......thanks either way man!!!


Hey man, sorry but I don’t have any suggestions to remedy your knee issues. However, I race BMX and hit the skateparks occassionally and wanted to give you a shout. Do you still ride or are you just a full-time lifter now? Good luck healing up.

I believe the shots football players(and lot of hockey players) take is cortisone.Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.Anyways, this only numbs the pain,which doesn’t really address the problem.From my biology classes, I’ve gathered that cartilage isn’t a tissue that “grows back” or regenerates.Let’s hope science advances to the point where problems like your are easily solved.Take it easy.

Hey man, it’s not first hand, but my father recieved a few cortizone shots in his elbow about 20 years ago for tendonitis. He said at the time he’d never do it again, and he’s had a lot of problems since. Probably doesn’t help you much, but I’ve heard from him and a couple other people who’ve had them that it’s not worth it. Just my two cents. Good luck!


It is cortizone. I get one shot in each knee a couple of times a year. It doesn’t cure the problem, it just covers the pain. And when it wears off you can can tell.

hey guys!!!

thanks for the info…and yes I still ride…I ride alot of flatland and mini…

infact this weekend…I am starting my
5 foot mini in the back yard…I am out in la…near pasadena…but I ride alot in santa monica…I would say that flat is my specialty but I play with all aspects of riding…


I’ve got knee problems myself…playing football…not my fault…knee bent the wrong way…lower back made a cracked sound like your knuckles only louder. For about six years I put up with the knee problem (grinding noises) until I joined a gym. Squatting saved me. Cured the back by walking, reverse hypers, squats and ab work.

Hi Radman. Have you thought about getting a second opinion from another doc? You really don’t want to do the cortisone, has some long-term side effects, and you really, really don’t want to end up like some old football player either. Unless you like the idea of a total knee replacement when you hit 40.