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Patch2's Adventures


yay new log.


Asking is often time the hardest part. At least for me..

Who knows, maybe we'll end up back in MI one day(soon) and you'll have more support. The more the merrier?




I'm still waiting for the picture of you covered with babies.


Welcome back !


You know that I DIG it when you swear......you little biker mama!



Ha ha! That cat does look like Jamie.

Wanted to say thanks for the vodka tip - I've been spraying my Vibrams and they are no longer as stinky.


I feel so vastly superior for knowing what BAMF was.
Thats right, doesn't take much to set my ego off.

That said, I'm here.
Ur awesome Patches...

and we all know I may or may not be sporadically back to pollute your log by talking about myself since I cant have one.

That is all.

Carry onl


Me too.

New log! YAY!



Ha, for a while all the guys were really into SoA. I got a lot of Gemma's. The only bike I've ever ridden is this guy, and even then I was only the passenger. Damn it goes fast; not really a bike gang bike though.


When you get older you like to cruise and not speed. Like my bike. Low and slow.


Patch2 - making the world better one non stinky foot at a time. Over the weekend one of the guys had the lace up vibrams, they looked awkward but he was able to use his toes to grip a lot better than I was. I may eventually move towards them.


Pollute away my dear, you're definitively on that bamf list. Any chance you'd move to MI and be my buddy? I'm a lot closer to Ohio.


I think you're much closer than me. I don't actually know what I weigh these days. After my waist gets back down into the mid 20s I'll start weighing myself. I think my DL is going to be the easiest, then squat. Bench, oh lord, is going to take forever. It'll get there eventually, but it's going to be a while. I've hovered around 100 forever.


Like you don't occasionally go superfast on that. For all your 'I'm an old man' talk, I bet you have those days where you're a 16 year old. Driving fast and thinking about the wimminz.



The trip wrecked me. My grip is shot, and I'm a sore dehydrated mess. Yesterday reflected that.

I walked at an incline for a bit. Then spent 45 min with the foam roller. I need to roll my arms more, it hurts so good.

Keeping with the working the kinks out trend. I was going to stay and lift but developed a mother fucker of a headache, I think I just didn't drink enough water all weekend. So home for water and naps. A break from my break.

More Yoga
I think I need to find a fish oil like something, my ankle and wrists are not happy with me after I've used them. I'm feeling good about my ability to smoothly transition from plank to cobra to downward dog. I'm not really smooth with the downward dog to upward dog transition though, I need to work it more. More practice!

Here's Steve doing them, that man is a BAMF:


Nope, I worked ER for 14 years. I have seen everything except decapitation.

I never go over 70 and on my bike I have yet to get it over 70 on the highway.

JLo on the other hand is a demon behind the wheel. That is why I normally drive everywhere.


The more you talk about her, the more I like her. I think I'll bop over to her log now. I'm glad you've got her to keep you young. I'm starting to see you on the porch yelling a kids to get off your lawn.


Hahahahahahahahahahaaha Yes Peaches that is why I love my wife with all my heart, she keeps me from becoming that grumpy old man. In my heart I am young but I have been beat down over a lot of years.