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I'm wordy. Short version: foods - I eat them, stuffs - I do them, bamf - I'm going to be one

I have been aimlessly wandering lately when it comes to goals. I've been hitting the gym with the general idea that I want to be a BAMF and look good doing it.

If I focus too much on the food I become, let's say insane, so while being lean is a goal, it's a secondary. I keep track of what I eat and have calories goals. These two things are usually sufficient for keeping my diet clean. At anytime, feel free to keep me on my toes and ask what's gone in my mouth lately.

That leaves me with BAMF as my primary goal. I've been working on a list of things I want to be able to do. It's dynamic, will be added to and will have to be portioned into bite sized amounts, but this first page will be a good place holder for general ideas.

Things I think I should be able to do and can't/haven't

  • I have a blue belt in BJJ, and will one day get a black belt. It's not something I can work towards right now, but is a long term goal.

  • Easily run a 5k.

  • Move around my body weight = knock out push ups, pull ups, dips

  • BW Bench, 1.5 BW Squat, 2BW DL

  • I'd like to do a 3-4 day hike encompassing kayaking and climbing in Michigan's UP. This involves many sub goals. Such as getting more comfortable kayaking, starting to climb outdoors, being able to move at a comfortable speed with weight on my back.

  • Flexibility. Don't really know how to make this into a thing yet. But for now, making it through a yoga class and doing all the moves will suffice.

Right now I'm focusing on getting my form down for lifts by doing Starting Strength, and doing am cardio to help with the general fitness/looking good naked. I'm going to start ramping up the hike prep stuff soon. I'd like to at least get a longer hike in before it snows.

Link to old log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_women_training_performance_powerful/tap_this


I spent my weekend on a little island in Lake Erie. It was a fantastic break! I spent all of Sat on the SeaDoo. I tried to wake board, but my grip couldn't take it, next time.


The hammocks were great to sleep in. I have to get me one. They're really light, and when it rained the tents were much wetter.


Wrap arms through handle so grip is not a factor. Might get drug...things happen


Best of luck on BAMF-ery. Key strategy. Anything that hurts REALLY bad, makes you think, I should not be attempting this yet...do that more.

Change 5k to Marathon or Triathlon or Iron man. Aim high, dont be pussy.

Hill sprints.

Breathing squats.

Speed reps on deadlifts.

Widow makers.

I will assist you by making recommendations as you progress, giving only moderate words of approval for success, but never mocking failure.

First homework assignment.

Find another who is ALREADY BAMF to push you in your endeavors. Female is preferred as Males tend to have sex with you, this gums up works. But male is acceptable if no female can be found.


The glaciers left some awesome rock grooves. I didn't climb much, mostly dicked around. I was in shorts, and I didn't want to cut up my legs then swim in the lake. Also, I don't want to do height without ropes. Going to have to figure out how to do that.

The pace gloves worked great for the little climbing I did do. They were only an issue when wet on smooth stone, but I think any thing but spikes would have been slippery then.


The beach. Yes, it's a beach.


A cool angle of the grooves. I live in a state with a ridiculous amount of natural beauty. I'm going to pay more attention to it. Living in the middle of no where is not a bad thing (except for my sex life).


Hmm, I see my arm being pulled out of the socket with that one. I also didn't understand the physics of the situation. I'll look it up, and that'll help. Yes, I am that geeky, I accept it.

Oddly enough, I actually just heard this same thing from someone. Growth occurs whilst debating the inner fat girl.

While I have a lot of respect for marathoners, I don't see them as BAMFs. The 5k will eventually have to be bumped up, but seeing as right now I can't make it through a mile, it's aiming high.

Yup, need to start doing more things that suck. What's a breathing squat and widowmakers?

That will be awesome.

I don't think I can find any one person that will match every goal, but I have a bevy of long distance friends that are experts in everything. I found a fellow BJJ blue belt female about 3 hours away that said any time I want to crash at her place and train I can. I have you peeps for lifting advice. I've got a close friend that could give Bear Grylls a run for his money. My friends are all people that are really good at something, I plan on stealing their things. My best friend is a modern dancer, she will some how encompass flexibility. I need to find a climber that's close, because that is a two person activity. I don't think I am going to find a female BAMF close to me, or even a male one, but I do have a support system. This has been collecting all summer as a long term goal. This weekend just solidified it.


I'm feeling wordy, here's a picture of a dog to look at. I stopped an visited my college roommate, she owns an ankle biter.

Things I know about me that I will have to keep in mind: My activation energy when starting something new is high. Once I've reached that and gotten started I'm a free radical, but that activation energy is something I need to remember in the moment. When it comes to trying new things, I am a little weepy girl and when I feel that coming on I will tell my buddy that they need to be a better catalyst. The first time I held a sledge hammer I had to be yelled at after wanting to back out a thousand times, I still call my coach when outside of new BJJ schools to be placated, it took me 20 min to get my ass to sprint the other day. After each new thing I was glad I did them, I just need to remember that new things are not actually a big deal.

Ok, I have to be up at 5, thanks for reading my rambles.


Great goals.

Go get them.


I like the pics patch. That must've been a fun weekend.

I'll be following along.


yay a new log! um... what is BAMF?? i hear michigan is beautiful, even though i have issues (which i fully own) about the whole 'beach' thing. some great goals. it is a shame that we can't do our SS stuffs together. still, i guess we can kinda sorta with our logs. i'm really looking forward to your getting back into bjj when you are able. loved learning stuff about that however many logs ago.


Haha Alexus, I wasn't going to ask what BAMF was so I googled, LOL!

Love your goals..
Support means a lot.


Lovely photos. You sound thoroughly refreshed from your trip.
The idea of finding awesome people to help you train is a good one. I've always trained solo - whilst that comes naturally to me (only child; fiercely independant) I can't help but think it has also held me back on occassions.

Good luck with your goals, I don't doubt that you will achieve them.


So this is your new log?




Thanks, that's the plan :slight_smile:


It was exactly what I needed. I didn't think about work or life at all. It was just about the moment. Those weekends are needed to keep us whole.


BAMF = Bad Ass Mother Fucker

Yeah, I miss the mats. I'm working on fitting something in next semester. My schedule does a whole overhaul in a week so everything is reworked.


You all spend a lot of time on the interwebz, I assumed you knew.

Support does mean a lot, and I have people willing to give it, I just need to ask.