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Pat Tillman - T-Man

Give em’ hell wherever you are Pat.

now HE is a real T-MAN

I second that notion.

RIP Soldier.

T-men everywhere should be proud of this shining example of a man with courage, honor, and conviction.

He is the true American hero…May GOD rest his soul…

One for the airborne ranger in the sky.


There wasn’t anybody like Pat Tillman. That’s so sad what happened to him. He had just gotten married before he went off to serve too. Everybody should strive to be how Pat was.

pat tillman the football player??? :frowning:

his brother went in too didn’t he? is he ok?

i agree man, tillman gave up everything to do what he believed in…

I know it sucks. He got alot of praise for what he did, and i credit him to turn down a lot of cash to serve. But lets not forget everyone that he wanted to do it and new the consequences and at the same time Marines and soldiers who aren’t famous are dying as well(like my bro CPL Daniel Amaya Kco.3/4 was killed on4/11/04). Mr Tillman Was Pure of heart and in my opinion a man among men in which he turned the other way in a stupid sport in which nothing is sacrificed.But everything is gained when your in the military. God Bless his family and friends.

He gave up the pursuit of wealth and riches to fight in the real battlefield war real brotherhood exists. He would die for me like I would die for him, thats something that isn’t perceived on the 50 yard line, but is is when your a soldier or a Marine.

BTW Eli Manning you Little F@!$ I hope you learned something fom this, actually I hope all you athletes learned something.Selfishness is trait that you lack you P.O.S. . Mr Tillman was like me, he was like every person that posts on this forum. A humble person with humble desires, no decked out Hummer H-2 no 6 miulion dollar home. He traded it all for a 100pound alice pack an m-4 and blisters from countless hours of “humping”.

When you look at it in this light - it kind of makes Eli Manning look like a big pussy.

American hero all the way. How many other pros would turn down a 3.4 million dollar contract to defend the US and be in harms way 24/7. Let me tell you how many…1. Wish all pro athletes and the rest of us would have his sence of duty.

What an inspirational man. RIP Pat Tillman. bigrjp59 sorry to hear about your bro

Thank you scc, my family and I sent out a card this morning to his family in Odessa TX.

Its funny though you look at a man like Mr Tillman. A football player with nothing to lose, He joins because he wants to be the best, everyone says that “he’ll be fine” then he’s KIA. Mr Tillman knew his destiny and god took him topside.


I just wanted to say “Thanks” to all our brothers and sisters… Pat was an outstanding example of what military service is all about. It isn’t a coincidence they call it a service.

So, Semper Fidelis Pat, and may we be as loyal to the memory of you and those like you as you were to us.


He was a brave and selfless man, and his loss is truly saddening, but remember all the others who have made sacrifices when you remember him. Pat Tillman didn’t want any special treatment in life because he was an athlete, he wouldn’t want it now either.

My condolences on the loss of your brother bigrjp59. I can’t imagine what that must be like. Stay strong.

He gave up what everyone that served risked giving up, the chance to hug his wife again, to laugh at a joke, to catch a fish on a sunny day. Fuck the money, he’d be a hero with or without it just like the rest of 'em. He was in good company when he fought and good company where ever he is now.

bgrp59 Thank you from a grateful American for the sacrafice your brother and family made. It will not be in vain.

The loss of Pat Tillman really affected me. A brave man in the company of brave men and heroes. Rest in Peace.

Again thank you but he wasn’t my brother by blood, just a really really good friend