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Pat Tillman is no hero he got what he deserved according to this piece of shit.

It has nothing to do with him being Puerto Rican; it has to do with him being a New England college student.

Racist assholes.

Not a big surprise that most of you idiots resort to calling Gonzales a “dumb rican.” Answer me this, in what other area in life can someone say, “Hey, I really wanna go kill some people” and get away with it? I can see if the guy was drafted but in some cases people who join the Milt. are sociopaths. Call me what you will, but I think alot of them are. Again, don’t give me this “fighting for my freedom” shit, while NYC was attacked, killing people in Afg. doesn’t make it better. We will be hit again, prob. in a much bigger fassion. Now tell me, if we do get it again, what good has all this war done?

I don’t believe he’s a graduate student. Sounds like a first year persuasive essay or something.

Trivializing him with Rambo and Eastwood?

Tillman answered his calling. He (in my eyes) is no more a hero than the other soldiers that die in Iraq everyday. He’s not a hero because he gave up an NFL contract to serve his country. He’s a hero because he paid the ultimate price for his country, period. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of soldiers who died in the line of duty. They’re all heroes in my mind.


"It has nothing to do with him being Puerto Rican; it has to do with him being a New England college student.

Racist assholes."

Hmmm. Making rash (and unsubstantiated) generalizations about an entire group of people. Sounds like the type of thing that a racist asshole might say…

Brian Smith…

Gonzales was the one who brought up Race even using an ethnic monninker to label Tillman. Not once did he mention New England.

It would be interesting to see what guys like Creed, Whetu, CoolcolJ and other T-members around the globe have to say about this.


First off fuck ms gonzalez! Where does she get her fucking balls. Whether or not you believe that him being a professional athlete and turning down 3.6mil to do some thing he believes in, is your opinion and you are intitled to it. But no matter your opinion u cant deny his courage for going to fight a war for his counrty, our counrty the USA. Only a complete fool would say let alone write what she did. So here’s to ya you fucking cunt bitch. Keep your mouth shut before someone a rightous as Pat Tillman decides to shut it for ya…tmabes

kike-I knew I should have revised that, but oh well. The only point I was making is he talks like he’s American and he’s not. I’m not racist, I hate everybody equally :slight_smile:


New England isn’t a race. I was talking about the fact that Gonzales was writing from an ideological bubble.

If someone on this board says “dumb rican,” I count that as a racial slur, and think they’re acting like a racist asshole.

Very simple.

Il Cazzo,

you are way off base thinking that most people who join the military are sociopaths. While there may be a few, that is certainly not the norm.

While this war may not be “fighting for your freedom” it is not right to tarnish the long lists of those who have with your broad, ill thought out, generalizations.

If the job is done correctly in Afghanistan, it will serve to eliminate a majority those responsible for the planning and carrying out of such acts as 9/11. Do you not feel your safety is worth fighting for?

fuck him, he is a low life scumbag motherfucker no matter what his race is. only a college graduate student or a derelict would have the time to come up with such a negative twisted take on the subject of pat tillman’s death. if i went to school with that kid i would drag him into the student union and choke his ass out rear naked style in front of the entire student body. what a piece of shit!

Il Cazzo et. al,

The Gonzalez character sounds like the consummate impotent overly intellectual snot-nosed brat that (although s/he is educated) hasn’t expanded their mind beyond the narrow confines of their ears.

Believe me, being a social pariah due to being a little intellectually different does weird things to those kids. (I used to be one…) Like TC mentioned in last weeks Atomic Dog… These guys are in Aristotle’s cave and everything they express can be viewed as coming from a perspective that is limited and distorted.

So… Am I angry at this kid? A bit. More than that I am sorry and sympathetic to his dystopia. Someday, maybe he’ll do what I did. I joined something larger than myself, experienced gestalt and purpose from the inside. I joined the United States Marine Corps.

Semper Fi Pat Tillman and the rest of our brothers and sisters


like Sonny said alot of people think it was stupid of him to go do it.

thread highjack: Isn’t “kike” a jewish racial slur as well?

Thread highjack off: I also think Rene’s a piece of shit

i am with BrentM on this one, i read a paper my little bro wrote in 7th grade which was more coherent than rg’s article, avoided ad hom/straw man/red herring attacks better. what is his point, besides vilifying tillman? he has no thesis for the article, other than “Pat Tillman is an idiot”.

i loved watching pat tillmans hard hitting style, and figure we all (maybe some of us, just a little) revere athletes who can do what we wish we could (or can, some of us!).

like someone else said, once he joined the military he became the same as all of our other neighbors, brothers, sisters, friends who either were already in the service, or joined up, did what they had to do, and some of them got killed in action or in accidents. each one is no less of a tragedy because of an nfl player giving up $3.6 mils and a dream lifestyle.

rg’s article is a reaction to a reaction. the first reaction is the media portraying tillman’s tradeoffs, without remembering that Everyone over there made sacrifices. tillman’s just captured the imagination a little more, hollywood style. the counter reaction was rg, who got national media coverage basically for being a subpar grad student trying to make waves.

neither one is particularly right, truth lies somewhere between.

Okay I have no Idea who Pat Tillman is, but I gather he is a football player who stopped playing football to fight for his country. Very patriotic, but at the risk of being called many names, to make it easy for you I am a short white guy of mixed european ancestory, I don’t think that makes him a hero, iut makes him a patriot fighting for what he belives in, but in my opinion, giving up money isn’t a heroic thing. He risked his life and lost it is always sad when a life is given, even for a cause that is believed in.
But dying for a cause makes a person dead… not a hero, especially if the only difference between him and the other fallen people who aren’t heroes is that they didn’t have the option to give up money.
I hope that makes sense to you… I think it may have confused me.

This guy needs to have the crap pounded out of him. I’m Canadian and I almost broke into tears when I heard of Tillman’s death.
What a f&%ker this writer is.

Sooooo…according to Ill Cazzo…us fighting and killing terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq is going to create more terrorism!? because…God forbid…we make them even madder at us!??..what kind of deafeatest wimpy ass way to live your life if we lived by this guys opinion! what a joke!!!
We have to annihlate terrorism. There is no bargaining…no pleas of “please lay down your arms…we mean you no harm” by us…they would laugh in our face! This is typical liberal bs at its finest. Lets playcate and smooth their feathers so they won’t hurt us!!!..Please Mr.Terrorists…DON’T HURT US…DON’T HATE US!!!..PURTY PLEASE??? what a wimpy, limp wristed way to live and AMERICANS ARE NOT ABOUT THAT!

Hero or not he deserves more respect than this bitch is givng him… Lets let the man rest in peace and not dignify this gonzalez character anymore and put this thread to rest…

It’s rather sad to see people looking at Tillman in a negative light. He chose his path because that is waht he wanted to do. To say that he joined out of bloodlust or a selfish reason, who cares? Every person does what they want to do for their own reasons. He gave up the american dream, the thing that drives our entire country to be the best we can be to be a soldier. That is unique from most of our standpoints. I personally have two friends who are rangers and after talking to them about this they say that tillman was not unique in the rangers because a lot of the rangers left american dream jobs like being doctors or lawyers. You just don’t hear about them because they were not celebrities.

The rangers and other special forces are the best of the best our country has to offer. It is thier job and they chose it because that is who they are. As is the tradition of our country most americans would want to hold these individuals in high regard because they fight so we don’t have to. Sometimes fighting is the only way, anyone who thinks there is a political solution to the mess we are in is not thinking clearly. It’s like being cornered in an ally by three guys who are going to jump you. You can talk and plead all you wan’t they are still going to get violent so they made the choice for you be more violent or get crushed.

Tillman was a hero, and a unique one at that. Was he more of a hero than any other member of our armed services? probably not, but that takes nothing away from the job he did. I buy my two friends drinks every time I see them because they earned my support, my friendship and my loyalty. They are great men and the men they serve with are their brothers so that makes them great men too.


You are right! Furthermore, I think all of the forum members need to dismiss what IL Cazzo posts. Not just his latest nonesense, but all of them! I’m not sure but he may have psychological problems. Enough said.