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Pat Robertson Should Be Assassinated


What the hell is this jerk-off thinking, publicly calling for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. For those not in the know, Venezuela happens to be one of the nations top importers of crude oil, and with gas prices approaching
wallet exploding prices, this has to be one of the most deep-fried and stupified public statements made in recent history.
So, I hereby call for the assassination of
Pat Robertson. Two in the chest one the head, Retard. Your thoughts please.


Disagree about assassinating Robertson. However for the longest time, I thought the one thing separating Robertson from the religious fanatics in the Middle East was the public support and solicitation for murder. Well, that distinction has been eliminated now...


"But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." (Matthew 5:44)

Wasn't that Jebus just full of quaint ideas. Good thing today's Christians know better than to take him literally.


Who are you guys talking about... Osama Bin Robertson?


I don't see the big deal about this. He is just another fevered ego stroking himself. I know chihuahuas more dangerous than Pat Robertson. Don't kill him, just catch him in a hotel room with Jessica Hahn. That's how we got rid of that Jim Bakker guy.


HA! Some idiot old fools should have their mouths stapled shut. Last thing we need is more religion in government and......... Oh no wait....... oh hell were f*cked.


LMAO. Nice one Elk.


Pat Robertson gives Christians a bad name. They should all be condeming his statement. He is a total baffoon! The PEOPLE of Venezuala elected Chavez but this fact escapes Robertson. Since this is so, what justification does Robertson have in calling for his assasination? Well,Chavez has been critical of the U.S. foriegn policy and is not friendly to U.S. business interests. Makes me wonder who's got this goof in their back pockets! Despicable.


A much more interesting question: When should a sovereign state consider the use of assassination?


As soon as it wants to be considered an evil empire by everyone that doesn't live in it...

Oh, wait... nevermind, there are obviously other ways to acquire that title.


As for Robertson, think of him as the Howard Stern of Religious Right politics - he says inflammatory crap just to get in the news and shock folks.

He is a fame-driven fool and an idiot. And despite his self-anointed position as a religious leader - granted that he does have his share of followers - his version of Christianity doesn't speak for any Christian I know.



Hugo Chavez is a scum bag and Venezuela would be much better off without him.

Pat Robertson is a phony TV preacher. I don't know how anyone could possibly take him seriously.


Lets not get carried away. The people of Venezuela have been trying to overthrow a military dictator, ie. Chavez, for quite some time. I have followed his antics for years, being in the oil industry. I am not condoning
assasination, but I do want to point out that the 'elections' in which Chavez was proclaimed the winner have been contested as fixed by many people. Chavez is a maniac. Robertson seems to be intent on catching up to him.


It's amazing how quickly the wacky left will crawl out if the woodwork after statements like this.

I guess this is another example of the first amendment only applying to the wacked out left.

Do I agree with Robertson? Absolutely not.

Does Sheehan have any more right to say the shit she has been saying than Robertson has to say his?

Staple his mouth shut? Give me a break.


I think your question deserves some attention. While Robertsons remarks do appear "ff the wall" there is something to consider. If we could have killed Hitler in the mid 1934 when he became "the supreme commander of the armed forces" we would have saved millions of lives!

Which one of us would not have pulled the trigger on Hitler before all of the pain, destruction and loss of life that he caused?


Just heard the old coot on the radio saying he was misinterpeted by the AP agian.

Sorry Patty me boy I heard your statement and you did call for his assasination not his ouster.


Wow, so much for freedom of speech huh?


Since when is the assassination of foreign leaders by the U.S. government a unique idea?


The Lion's Paw

An important form found among Freemasons is the "Lion's Paw," or grip formed by placing the fingers in the form of a cat's paw. This grip, and its attendant reference to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, has significance in several respects, both legendary and allegorical. Its message of transition and everlasting life are a critical part of the Third Degree.

As a symbol, the lion has been a favorite subject prior to the Christian era as well as during the Middle Ages. As a result, there is some confusion regarding its symbolism in Freemasonry. The lion has in all ages been noted as symbol of strength and sovereignty. The "King of the Beasts," whose mighty roar brought fear to the hearts of all, was known and respect by many ancient cultures. The lion's head and mane were placed on many Egyptian hieroglyphs, idols, and the famous Sphinx, recognizing this animal as the ruler of the animal kingdom. Having the "heart of a lion" was, and is today, deemed an acknowledgment of strength and character. Medieval knights adorned their shields and coats of arms with representations of lions, lion's heads, manes, and paws. Richard, the Lion Hearted, and his famous shield of three lions are well documented, both in history and legend, signifying his sovereignty over England.

As a symbol, the Jews sometimes used the lion as an emblem of the Tribe of Judah as they expected the Messiah to descend from this tribe. This reference carried over to Christianity where the Lion of the Tribe of Judah refers to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. To the ancient craft, this symbolism was seen further in the death and the resurrection to life of man. Legend had that a lion's cub, or whelp, was born dead and brought to life by the roar of its sire. As such, the reference to the lion may be applied to the Messiah, who brought life and the light of immortality to the tribes of Israel, through the roar of God's word.

The Freemason is introduced to the symbolism of the lion's paw during the Master Masons degree during the portrayal of the Hiramic legend where the reference is to the spiritual resurrection and immortality. The symbolism of resurrection clearly is an important part of a Freemason's journey and quest for Light. In moving from darkness to Light, the Freemason recognizes his personal transformation and improvement, but the great step forward is made in the Third degree. From the hand of a trusted Brother one is raised to a higher level of spiritual understanding and with the strength so gained, may become a better man and Freemason.


Since Pres. Ford signed an executive order in 1976 outlawing it.