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Pat Robertson Leg Presses 1 Ton!


Article Link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060526/ap_on_re_us/robertson2000

Man, now I kinda wish I was Christian...no, I really don't.


I wouldn't even believe it if I saw it. 2000 lbs? I call bullshit. Pro football players can't even do that.


ronnie's done something like 2,300 on tape for more than 10 reps i think...had everyone in the gym removing 45's for a while:)


I have a feeling if he did the 1 ton, that pic of him is about as deep as he went.



Haha I read the article and he was taking a soy protein shake. CLEARLY he did it so.


Well, it works for Goldberg (1).

(1) http://www.petakids.com/grrr302/goldberg.html



Apart from that, who would choose the leg press of all exercises as a measure of strentgh? Then again, squatting is bad for the lower back, or so I've heard...


He began the 2000lb leg press at the bottom position. He's stronger than I thought (roll eyes)


Not to be a pain in the ass, but unless there is 2857 lbs on that machine he did not leg press 1 ton.

The weight is set on a sliding ramp, a simple free body diagram of the weight sled shows the force directed down the ramp to be only 70.7% of the total plate weight (assuming approximately a 45 degree angle, which it appears to be).

"holdin' it down on the german engineering ja"


I was about to ask where you got your lb to ton conversion from but then I saw it is cause you did the conversion also using the FBD. I thought maybe there was another definition of ton because in the US a ton is 2000 lbs, however, there is a "long ton" which is commonly refered to as a ton over in the UK which is 2240 lbs.


I'd don't see any accounting for the coefficient of friction...tsk tsk.


That's what happens when you hit rock bottom, go to jail & start lifting. OH, and become a real Christian.


good ol' simplifying assumptions, its all about the assumptions.

If you figure out a way to measure the coeff's of friction from a photo, I think you have yourself a money making machine :slight_smile: Imagine all the surge that could buy.

I think its hilarious though when people cite numbers off those cable crossover machines (when only using one side), absolutely ignoring the fact that the weight listed is twice what they are lifting; especially when the second pulley is staring them in the face.


I seem to remember an article about Pat that came out a few years ago. In it Pat stated that he could leg press 600lbs while an associate of his said that Pat was being modest and could actually do several hundered pounds more.

Check out this movie of Pat "leg pressing" 1000lbs. Extremely short rom and he helps out with his hands!



I don't know but isn't 2000 pounds on a leg press easy? I never do leg press, but when I saw that on the news I went over and started doing 400 with one leg, and it wasn't that hard.


I saw this on AOL and was going to post there but didn't want to be surrounded by morons. The funny thing is there is this guy at my gym who is real old and not that strong but leg presses like 1500 lbs without ever unlocking the machine, so his ROM is about 3 inches. Of course he wraps his knees and uses his hands to push off as well.

To the person that asked about 2000 lbs, that is near impossible to do with a good range of motion, I have never seen anyone do it (including Ronnie). Dorian Yates has the most impressive leg press I have seen which is about 1200 lbs DEEP for like 10 reps or something. Just like squatting, you can do a lot of weight for a few inches but if you put the seat back and get a good ROM this becomes a hard exercise just like anything else.


I mean the guy is old so thats one thing but the way he does the leg press in those videos makes me laugh out loud. Kudos for him staying active but he's not even doing 25% of the full range of motion in that video.


Are you telling me that my triceps didn't double in strength over night when I started using a different cable machine! Blasphemy!


It's sad that the guy doesn't dedicate his effort to maintaining a decent ROM, albeit with less weight. Trying to market that as a 1000 pound leg press is quite a joke. It only takes away from his "real" accomplishments.


Talk about idiotic. That's what I call ego lifting. On the last set, he doesn't even release the safety catches because he's got a 3 inch ROM.